Bella Love-Wins Cabin Bear Heat #Review


I really feel this is some of Bella Love-Wins best work.

Cabin Bear Heat maybe Bella Love-Wins first venture into the shifter world but it doesn’t read like it.

It is an adaptation of a previous released work of hers; Cabin Heat which is book one in her Billionaire Romance Redemption series. She has carefully thought out her shifter rules and how that interacts with their world.  She expertly weaves technology into the story to tie the ancient to the modern.

Cabin Bear Heat

Our story begins with a group a college students heading back to school after a break.  A bad decision leaves them at the mercy of a kind stranger named Andrew. He is a wealthy recluse wrought with tragedy. Abby one of the students and Andrew has an instant connection he is certain he knows her.  Abby feels the heat between them as well.

The group of friends is in the hands of Andrew until things settle down. Their stay will him ends up being filled with danger. One of the group gets seriously injured and has to be med-flighted away.

Andrew is my favorite out of this large cast of people. His tortured charm and selfless caring of strangers is almost a requirement of every great hero. Barb is my least favorite character. She is as close to a villain as we get in this book. The misfortune of the group is really my least favorite but without its well-written nature, the story would be lacking.

Bella Love-Wins – HERO for me

Hero for meHero for me is part two of The Billionaire Salvation Series and begins us right were we left off with our heroine being broken-hearted and storming away from her self-proclaimed hero.

She has just witnessed a sight she was all too familiar with and not wanted to repeat the sins of her past she decides that avoidance is the best route. Unfortunately for Kate Samuel aka Kate Rock her hero will not be so easily deterred. He pursues her and begs her to hear him out; he injects himself into her life in every way available to him. Finally she decides to hear him out, only to come face to face with an unmovable obstacle that has her begging for her self-proclaimed hero, Matt Lewis, to return.

When Bella wrote these two characters she filled them with intense primal passion for each other that is hard for them to deny as the couple start on their journey of exploring each other.

But she again leaves me hanging with an all too sobering cliffhanger; not just in regards to my wariness of them but also in the magnitude of it. Would I do it all over again and start this series anyway, cliffhangers and all? Yes I certainly would! I enjoyed every second!



Nora Roberts – Shadow Spell

Shadow SpellShadow Spell is the second book in The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy but I find I may not have needed to read the first book, Dark Witch.

Yes I enjoyed reading it but if you’re a person who likes to skip ahead you could skip the first book. There would be some back-story elements that are missed but I feel they are referred to enough to catch up a reader in this book.

Shadow Spell is a paranormal suspense set in Ireland. A group of three cousins, Iona, Conner and Branna, are trying to vanquish an ancient evil that was created by the half destruction of Cabhan many years ago by their ancestor, Sorcha, the Dark Witch. Cabhan, the ancient evil has learned a new way to torment the cousins and their group of friends so they must attempt to destroy him or lose all that their family has struggled to keep for centuries. Cabhan attempts to turn them against each other, plant seeds of doubt and lure them with promises of grandeur. He focuses his efforts of destruction on Conner and Meara this time but only succeeds in bringing them closer together.

Meara story is really explored in this book. We learn about her past and insecurities. We get to watch her evolve and grow making her even more relatable to the reader. I feel like the Shadow Spell was supposed to be Conner’s story but I think Meara over shadowed him.

I still am drawn to Branna for her matriarchal nature and great sense of responsibility to her family and friends. I can relate to Meara’s guardedness and her insecurities about turning into her father. If she doesn’t overcome them she may doom them all to failure.



Karen Marie Moning – Dreamfever

DreamfeverDreamfever is the fourth book in the Fever Series; by this point we have learned a lot about our main characters and have many satellite characters to keep the story interesting.

Karen does a good job of catching the reader back up with each book. As I have alluded to before, maybe she does too good a job because I think the reader could start with this book, book four and be caught up with the main story line. Each previous book is filled with a lot of details and are good books to read if you like paranormal urban fantasy with a touch of romance. I realize that by not reading the other three books those details would be missed but all the main interactions and adventures are referred to in this book. This is also the first book to delve more into romance. These aren’t the descriptive love scenes that you would find in an erotic romance novel but there is some heat.

It begins with the main character, MacKayla (Mac) Lane, in the same horrible predicament she was in when we left her at the end of book three. Mac was all alone and being driven out of her mind, by the horseman of the Apocalypse.  The evil Darroc having sent them to capture her, she is rescued and then must undergo treatment to return from madness. Jericho Barrons aids her in her recovery from the dreamfever she is in; he has been her mentor since realizing that she wasn’t just your average girl from the states. The twists and turns continue on as she has some interactions with her own kind and learns some riveting information from the past. Karen M. Moning leaves us with Mac alone again her bad luck seemingly endless.

I love to hate and hate to love Jericho Barrons. I want him to just hold Mac sometimes and let her feel safe in his arms but I get his tough love approach, he is trying to make her the best Mac she can be and teach her that she shouldn’t ever rely on others. He is trying to turn her into a self-sufficient warrior, fully capable of making the hard decisions. I also think I like Mac now better than I liked the Mac from book one. She has grown up a lot but she still has an uncanny ability to walk right into disaster.

I am getting tired of all the cliffhanger endings though. Recently at a book signing I attended, Karen M. Moning indicated she did not write the books the readers wanted but she wrote the books that came to her. So, I guess I will just have to suffer through cliffhangers if that’s how they come to her.   But I don’t know how many more poor Mac can survive.

Jamie Farrell – Moonshine & Magnolias

Moonshine & MagnoliasMoonshine & Magnolias is the second book in the Officers’ Ex-Wives Club Series.

It was much anticipated by this reviewer and it did not disappoint. Jamie Farrell is to modern day books what Candace Camp is to historical’s in my opinion. (I love Candace Camp books!) Like the first book in the series there is comedy thrown in, making the book light-hearted. It provided me a nice break after having read several dark and serious romances.

Shelby was a spitfire ex-wife of one of Uncle Sam’s boys and Zack is one of Uncle Sam’s boys just waiting on his traveling papers. Their romance only happens after an unforeseeable event take’s place. And Shelby is not happy about it happening at all.

My favorite character is Shelby’s dog, Penelope, the hunky Zack follows in at a very close second. It’s a great read that I would recommend to anyone asking for a fun romance with a happy ending.

Faleena Hopkins – Owned by the Alphas Part Four

Owned by the Alphas 4Faleena begins Owned by the Alphas Part Four right after the main event from Owned by the Alphas: Part Three.

Ali is completely spent after her steamy test between Red and Calt, leaving Calt, the winner, feeling unwanted. He thinks she should be more visibly happy, but shouldn’t he be too?

A few minor altercations lead to a much bigger event, catching Calt completely off guard but he is the only one. Maybe it’s time for some more changes in his pack. The tragedy of it all continues to spread through all the werewolves, as the situation gets direr. Ali is caught between the past and the present again, her few months of her new life put into jeopardy by one simple action that takes on a life of it’s own, flooding her with doubt.

I hope Faleena settles the past versus present debate soon because I don’t know how many more cliffhangers I can handle. This Part wasn’t as intensely steamy as the previous Part but it gave more insight into the characters and how they were evolving. I definitely would recommend this Part and the three before; it’s a good paranormal erotic romance. I really enjoy that Ali is finally beginning to try to hold her own and is embracing her pack. Some may deem the last few chapters as a betrayal but I think everything is finally working out like it should. We must adapt or die, embrace change to move forward or become stagnant in the memory of what was.

Karen Marie Moning -Faefever

Faefever is book three in the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning.

FaefeverKaren starts Faefever with a small prologue recapping what has happen so far and then Mac, MacKayla Lane is dumped right back into the place she was when the last book ended. As always there is several life changing events for Mac. Life changing revelations about other characters and some revelations she wished she would learn, just like in the last book Bloodfever and in Darkfever before that. Mac wants to know all the things about people that you and I don’t want to.  Mac’s relationships with her own kind are focused on in Faefever. Unlike Mac, I don’t trust any new characters that come along in these books but she decides to give it a shot and trust a stranger or two. Everyone she has met so far has kept secrets from her but she desperately needs a friend and misses her sister severely.

She is still residing at the bookstore and is working the cash register for a while but with all that is going on in her world it seems useless to try to maintain normal. She discovers some of her enemies are now working together but she makes an Allie out of another. Jericho Barrons, her employer, is still helping her to survive but that’s it. She is useful to him and he wants her alive. Mac has the same deal going on with V’lane a prince but she doesn’t really trust either one. Even though her lust for Barrons continues to grow she makes no attempt to act on it for fear of whom he really is. At least V’lane is honest about being a devil, he causes her lust too but not in quite the same way.

Faefever sticks to the genres of Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy. I think a person could start this series with this novel and still be able to understand what is going on. Again I realize that two books full of character interactions and adventures would be missed but the major ones are all alluded to in this book.

I enjoyed the part of the book where Mac went out with the young girl Dani, to cleanup the streets. She is finally putting on her big girl pants and doing something to make her life better. Instead of dressing like a walking rainbow and trying to pretend everything can be normal again. For God’s Sake, her boss is some kind of monster that keeps all the dark things at bay, nothing will be normal again.

I didn’t like the way this book ended. Poor Mac has finally started to fight hard and not be so immature to only have such a despicable thing happen to her. Circumstantially finding herself alone in her world, left with the wolves, to fend for herself. It just isn’t fair but whenever is life fair. Mac has about the worse luck I could imagine a person having.


Candace Camp – The Wedding Challenge

Candace is an excellent author. I really am enjoying her books.

The Wedding Challenge is the third book in the series and the third book of hers that I have read.

The Wedding ChallengeI especially enjoy that I don’t have to read them as a series to get closure but by doing so I get to learn more about previous characters as they reappear in the story as friends or relatives. This particular book is about Calli, Lady Calandra Lilles, the Duke of Rockford’s sister and her endeavors to find a husband on her terms, not her grandmother or brothers’. She enlists the help of Lady Francesca Haughston a known matchmaker and dear family friend to help her.

The women immediately begin eliminating candidates for various reasons when Calli begins being called upon by a suitor that causes her and her brother’s blood to boil but not in the same way. Her brother’s anger isn’t uncalled for but she is a grown woman who must learn things on her own. Her brother fears that this lesson may ruin her.

This one kept me guessing right up until the end. At one point I only had a few chapters left and almost abandoned the book for fear it wouldn’t all get straightened out. In the end a satisfactory conclusion was reached and the realizations made by Lady Francesca toward the end of the book, I believe, will lead to a wonderful next book. I can’t wait and I recommend if you like a steamy romance that you read this one. It’s not a knock your socks off contemporary erotic romance, just a sweet historical romance with a girl falling in love with a boy and losing all morals.

Bella Love-Wins – Hero


Steaminess built in!

Bella Love-Wins, Hero is the first book in a series of cliffhangers.

HeroI enjoyed reading it right up till the point I realized it was a cliffhanger and I would have to read a series of books to get closure. I still like the book but am personally getting burnt out on cliffhangers.

Kate Samuel aka Kate Rock is a DJ in New York, her life is pretty normal aside from being estranged from her parents: go to work, go home and pay the bills. But Kate’s life is about to take an unexpected turn; with one giant act of kindness she is thrust into the spot light.

In the spot light she finds, Matt Lewis, who seems to be her own personal hunky hero by his own choice. Her fantasy have never been better. But her life has.

What will happen when an unexpected rival appears? Is there really any rivalry or was it all just to good to be true?

I enjoyed Kate’s character. I hope I have the kind of courage she does in a similar situation. I find I can’t tell my least favorite part or I’ll give to much away. It’s worth reading even knowing it’s a cliffhanger.

Karen Marie Moning – Bloodfever

BloodfeverBloodfever is the second book in the Fever Series by Karen M. Moning; also know as a MacKayla Lane Novel.

Like its predecessor, Darkfever, you will have to continue reading the series to see what happens to the characters. But I don’t think reading Darkfever is necessarily a requirement before reading this book. Yes, it will give you more in depth knowledge of the characters and you would miss some adventures but the big ones are alluded to in this book. So for you out there who like to skip ahead for just the meat and potatoes, leaving the appetizers sitting cold in the kitchen, starting at Bloodfever will get you the gist. I read both books.

There are a couple almost “romantic” scenes in this book but nothing out of a romance novel. This book definitely focuses more on the paranormal mystery than romance. It starts with poor MacKayla (Mac) Lane being battered and bruised from her last adventure in the previous MacKayla Lane Novel, Darkfever. Jericho Barrions had came to her rescue and been amazed at how well she had done on her own.  She had hoped that their adventure had not only provided them with good intel but also left an enemy dead.  With so many enemies it would be nice if she had one less to worry about.

Mac is haunted by her demons but aren’t we all, at one time or another.  The difference is hers might kill her if she doesn’t get them in check.  With new players emerging and others dying it’s hard to determine which characters are the good guys. But so is the way of life. Anyone could betray you at any time if something better comes along.

I feel for Mac as her world just keeps changing around her and she has no way to control it.  She feels alone and stuck. Everyone wants her but nobody is willing to take her as she is. They all want her to fit inside the pretty little box they have chosen for her.  Slowly she is becoming her own women though.

She still hasn’t decided if she trusts Barrons but Mac calls on him every time trouble finds her, Barrons being the lesser of the evils surrounding her. Towards the end she thinks she has finally figured out what makes him so special but then changes her mind. Karen leaves us with Mac alone learning that maybe Barrons had been right about a few things. Personally, I really want to like Barrons and I really want him to be the hero but I just don’t know.

Faleena Hopkins – Owned by the Alphas Part Three

Faleena Hopkins has stuffed a lot into Owned by the Alphas Part Three.

Owned by the Alphas 3A few mysteries are solved in this one, tying up some loose ends from Part One and Two.  Poor Ali is struggling with her new life as part of a pack, simply because now she is popular.  Men are willing to fight to keep her and she enjoys the idea of them calling her theirs.

Red is one of those men but Ali is seething mad at him for not keeping his promise.  He desperately tries to convince Ali to go home with him and be his.  When he finally agrees to take her back they discover Ali’s pack gone. They assume the other pack woke, discovered Ali’s absence and went to find her.

Calt and the rest of his pack are on their way to Red’s den to confront Tawny, who has went there seeking refuge.  Blood is shed.  But a startling revelation is revealed and Calt orders a truce.  Tawny asks for asylum and Ali must choose which Alpha she is going to be with.  One of the she wolfs approaches Ali with a peaceful solution to the problem but Ali’s not sure if she’s ready for that big of a leap into pack life.

Up until the very end of this Part I had decided it was going to turn out one way.  That it had to because that was the only way to resolve it but Faleena Hopkins didn’t take that route and now I am left dumb founded.  I am anxious for Part Four to come out with the hopes that things may turn out the way I envisioned them.  A mysterious thing is going on with Ali and I can’t wait to see if that turns out the way I believe it will.

I think you probably could get away with starting at Part Three and not reading the other Parts but you would miss out on personal interactions between the characters that add to the story.  I recommend reading all three Parts to get full awareness of the characters and their world.  I have enjoyed reading all three pieces but I lay out this warning that if the first two Parts of this romance compilation were erotic to you then you better hold onto your socks because they are going to be blown off by this one.


John Michael Hileman – Unseen

UnseenUnseen surprised me.

It had me clutching my knuckles to my lips in nervous anticipation of what may transpire. I have mainly stuck to reading romance books since I have taken up reading again but this Mystery Crime Paranormal Thriller was well worth the venture into unread territories. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a thrill.

John Michael Hileman begins us with Jake our main character having one of the weirdest days of his life. He loses his job, an old women, seeming to be mentally unstable, visits him, delivering an odd message, his girlfriend Jenna, who is next in line for an acting contact, receives it due to a friends mysterious accident, he starts seeing phantom children and his sister, Holly’s boy, who he hasn’t seen in years, is kidnapped by a serial killer. Jake starts questioning his sanity as any of us would but tries to use his new talent of seeing phantom children to help find his nephew.

Jake Paris’s friend, Dan, is my favorite character; he is a silent kind of hero who has a Compulsive Disorder with a side of OCD. My least favorite is the serial killer but John did well in writing this character. This book is full of twists and turns so buckle up and hold on tight.


Susan May – Deadly Messengers

Deadly MessengersDeadly Messengers was full of suspense right from the first chapter.

Throughout the book the reader follows various mass murders around on their killing sprees. The detectives are left with multiple seemingly unrelated killings that have to be related or everyone’s just went crazy.

Kendall Jennings is a reporter desperately trying to pay her bills. Her fluff work is in small demand. Then after the first mass murders she lucks into an interview with a key witness propelling her and her career forward. Whether she liked it or not.

She finds herself physically attracted to one of the detectives. She even dreams of him being her savior. He has demons of his own and he lumps Kendall right into that category. He doesn’t give her a chance. Guilty by association except she was turning into one of his demons. Her girls gotta eat mentality leading her down that path.

I often find it difficult to relate to naive characters. Evil is everywhere in every form but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to follow them on their journey into learning that lesson. Lance O’Grady is that street tough hard ass we all love to hate but secretly love. He would have to be my favorite. I wish the understanding side of him had been explored more at the end. He has a unique perception of what Kendall was forced to live with. But alas I am a romantic at heart so I’m always looking for a love story.

Susan did a great job of writing this. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep those three weeks she worked diligently. Thanks to her and her son for providing us an awesome cop thriller.

Dean Koontz – The Darkest Evening of the Year

Here it comes the unfavorable review I hate to write.  I hope you will get your own copy and come to your own conclusions.

The best things in my opinion about The Darkest Evening of the Year was that it was easy to read, no noticeable typos and had a couple of plots going that coalesced into one plot eventually. (Like at the very end of the book.) Psychopathic inspired death was abundant though but not overly gory in detail. Dean Koontz does give the reader a happy ending for the few living characters that remain.

I’m always torn about giving a bad sounding review every time I do it. Can I or should I give a book a bad review simply because it’s not my cup of tea? Simply because I couldn’t relate to it? I read the whole book, soldier on through hoping that I would like it. It was a recommendation so I also worry about hurting feelings as well. But it is useless I do not like the book. It even has a paranormal turn toward the end as well. I love paranormal but not this book.

The split plot may have been the turn off for me. Or the multiple characters with multiple identities might have been my stinky fish. But I think the problem was I didn’t get information that would have made me relate to the characters better until almost the end of the book. I realize I am criticizing a beloved author of many, an author even my husband has heard of. But alas I cannot help it, lip service helps no one.

The characters, Amy and Brian are like any other couple each having secrets they haven’t shared with the other. A miraculous return of a past friend and unfortunate reappearance of an old enemy suddenly makes telling these secrets a priority. Amy rescues dogs as pence for sins, some not even her own. And Brian helps her out of guilt for past mistakes. Eventually their pasts catch up to them both but neither realizes that they are meant to share a destiny.

The revolting, Vanessa and Harrow are my least favorite characters because they are murderous psychopaths. Nicki is my favorite. I wish I had learned key knowledge about each character earlier in the story and wish I had learned more about Nicki and her miraculousness. I think I would have liked the book better.

S.A. Wolfe – Fearsome

Fearsome is the first in the series of the same name by S. A. Wolfe.

It is not your typical girl meets guy and falls in love. It is complicated and messy just like real life. Typical to a romance there is turmoil and struggle for the characters in the story, as normal most of it is brought on by self-doubt and second guessing what the heart and mind are saying. In addition to this there is depression, anxiety and compulsive behavior that actually adds normalcy to the characters if you can believe that.

FearsomeJessica the leading lady of this story has been thrust into a world of peers that are years older than her all her life. So when an unforeseeable event has a New York City girl heading to the country, a seemingly simple undesired task turns her whole world upside down. Arriving in the country to a brooding hottie, Carson, who ignores her completely while a Hampton’s look-a-like, Dylan, forces his way into her life. A lot of unbelievable revelations are revealed fairly early in the story but do not lose heart because there are more dramatic tidbits dropped on the reader towards the end.

I was drawn to Carson and was naturally untrusting of Dylan. I prefer a man dripping in masculinity not gently perspiring it. Jessica is the typical character type: unwanted, unloved and unappreciated, a wounded bird willing to latch on to anything that will take it. I feel for her because she stepped in it and did not know how to fix her screw up. Her brain was always working overtime trying to solve the riddles of her life while her heart had it all sorted out at the beginning. I hope there are more books about this group of characters.