#Review Candace Camp – The Courtship Dance

The Courtship Dance is book 4 in The Match Maker series by Candace Camp.

Candace does it again with a wonderfully charming historical romance. The Match Maker series has been a delight to read and it’s a must for anyone who likes historical romance.

The Lady Francesca Haughston is the main character in this book and we have met her several times before, as she is The Matchmaker, herself and my favorite character. In this particular book she is trying to assist a young lady in having a good Debut Season and she is trying to find her old friend the Duke of Rockford, Sinclair Lilles, a bride.

The latter didn’t ask for her help. She is guilt driven to help him and insists despite him. He allows it, following her instructions on which ladies he would find most desirable but he isn’t entirely playing by her rules. He has his own agenda and is using her to achieve it. A ghost haunts Francesca from her past threatening to take everything she has struggled so hard to keep. Will a knight show up to save her? Or has he been there all along?

These are sweet books with a happy ending eventually. Sometimes taking longer than I would like to get there. That was the case with The Courtship Dance, I only had a few pages left and was worried that maybe Candace wrote a cliffhanger and I would have to take up the quest for a happy ending in yet another book. This was not the case and a satisfactory ending was found. I was relieved because I’m not fond of cliffhangers.

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