Jamie Farrell – Moonshine & Magnolias

Moonshine & MagnoliasMoonshine & Magnolias is the second book in the Officers’ Ex-Wives Club Series.

It was much anticipated by this reviewer and it did not disappoint. Jamie Farrell is to modern day books what Candace Camp is to historical’s in my opinion. (I love Candace Camp books!) Like the first book in the series there is comedy thrown in, making the book light-hearted. It provided me a nice break after having read several dark and serious romances.

Shelby was a spitfire ex-wife of one of Uncle Sam’s boys and Zack is one of Uncle Sam’s boys just waiting on his traveling papers. Their romance only happens after an unforeseeable event take’s place. And Shelby is not happy about it happening at all.

My favorite character is Shelby’s dog, Penelope, the hunky Zack follows in at a very close second. It’s a great read that I would recommend to anyone asking for a fun romance with a happy ending.

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