The Black Magic of Getting Your Book Tweet Right


I’ve been doing this book marketing thing for quite a while now, and one thing that I often need to help people with is getting their book link tweets right. I figured it’s time for me to put all my tricks in one place. This is that place.

“People click my link and it says the book isn’t available”

The problem here is that there isn’t just one Amazon. There are lots and lots of them. If you share a link to, and someone in the UK looks at that link, they’ll see your book, but Amazon won’t let them buy it. They need to find your book at But they aren’t going to do that, are they? It’s a minor miracle that you got them to click your link in the first place. No way they are going to go typing in a search to a different…

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August – Gone

Wow! I turned around to find that August was gone. Left the building. And here I sit not finished with edits. I’m close, a bit over 75%. If I work hard this weekend I might get this round done.

Unrealistic Goal

That’s great but I was hoping to get another round in before the end of the month and set it aside all of September while my gals give it a look over. Maybe, I set unrealistic goals for myself. I do have a new day job that eats up most of my writing/editing time. Two kids with evening activities, each have two a piece.

My Time

I think I’ll have to declare one day all mine of the upcoming holiday weekend. Just for me so I can finish up this round of edits and possible start and finish another. I have -ly words to look for, words I use too much, and I still think it’s a bit heavy on the telling and needs more showing.

August – Gone

Even though August is gone I still think I can get it done by the day I promised to send it to my gals. September 5th. Wish me luck.

This too shall pass…

Last Chance To Vote this week! What’s Your Favorite Type of Movie Scene?

Didi Oviatt -Author

Drama, Thriller, Romance… We all have a favorite, what’s yours?

Are you a movie lover? For this week’s short story writing prompt, what’s your favorite kind of movie or scene in a movie? Is it action & adventure, erotic, romantic comedy, thriller and suspense… what?? We’ll create this week’s #kdsuspense short story, by starting the story randomly, using the  type of  movie scene with the most votes. We’ve left off a horror scene as … well… we wrote that  genre last week. Did you miss it ? It had blood, gore,sex and more 18 + reading. Read it here.  Thank you for voting! Don’t forget to write with us. We’d love to read your work. Post the link on one of our pages to see.


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New Blog Tour: Search for Maylee by Didi Oviatt (Sign Up) #Thriller #Suspense

Missing Writer – Me

Sorry, I’ve been missing more so than normal. I’ve been editing in my free time which isn’t much. I’ve got a new job that gives me twice as many hours in a year than my job this time last year. And it’s during the time of day when I normally write and edit.

A dear friend told me to quite spending so much time in my real life and come spend some with my internet tribe.

Missing Writer – Me


At least for today. Later this evening I hope to see all of you on twitter during #smutchat hosted by my friend Vania Margene Rheault – Contemporary Romance Author.

My Favorite Stephen King Quotes


Didi Oviatt -Author


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Throwback Thursday: 7 Rookie Writing Mistakes (and 7 Ways to Improve)

“Hearthstone Alpha ( The Úlfrinn Series, #1)” by A.C. Melody

Nesie's Place

Heartstone cover

Title: Hearthstone Alpha ( The Úlfrinn Series, #1)

Author: A.C. Melody

Publisher: Red Sage Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Romance (Wolf Shifters)

Release Date: June 1, 2017

Red Sage Publishing logo

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All Reyna Daniels wants is to secure her return home to Minneapolis to be with her family. The last thing she needs is to find her world completely inundated by the magnetizing, hostile Corbyn Bruschard and his group of male-model friends.

Corbyn’s not ashamed at being everywhere, since it’s his territory, and he’s certainly not going to apologize for trying to keep Reyna safe. Especially, when she’s his mate.

With all signs pointing to an old enemy’s return, Reyna’s going to have to suck it up and face her ancient Norse heritage fast, whether she’s ready to or not. That doesn’t mean she has to accept being mated to an Alpha who threatens all of her hard-earned independence.

Heartstone Teaser 2

About the Author

A.C. Melody is a…

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“Fat Girl Begone!” by D.E. Haggerty

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Fat Girl Begone cover

“Fat Girl Begone”

Author: D.E. Haggerty

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Sports

Release Date: May 1, 2017


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I’m a total mess. My boyfriend dumped me – get this – because I diet too much. Not because I’m fat, mind you. Of course, this spurs me into the diet-fitness-revenge-plan of the century, which leads me to the gym and a scorching hot personal trainer. I even manage to make some cool new friends, including a millionaire if you can believe it. Things are looking up! Naturally, that’s the moment my ex decides he wants me back, the personal trainer asks me out, and my millionaire male buddy decides to throw his hat in the ring. But that’s not enough drama. No, not for me. Because I’ve also lost my job and decided to start my own business. Just call me Ms. Drama.

Warning: Bad language, bumpy roads, and embarrassing moments ahead. But there’s…

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“Aggravated Momentum” by Didi Oviatt

Have you picked this up yet? You should.

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Aggravated Momentum cover

“Aggravated Momentum

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Psychological

Release Date: February 7, 2017


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Not everything is as it seems in what appears to be an average family. When danger lurks so close to home, skeletons emerge, and the darkest of secrets surface, causing twisted desires to become reality. Aggravated Momentum offers the perspective of some very diverse and unique characters, including fun, witty personalities to fall in love with, along with an intellectual killer to die for. You may be surprised as to whom exactly you can relate. Is it the cold, calculated murderer, who’s name is yet to be revealed? Markie or Kam, the independent sisters, guilty of nothing more than getting tangled with the wrong people at the most inopportune times? Or, the cowardly snake curled in a hidden corner? Who are you, exactly? And, more importantly, who are they? The deeper you dig into the…

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INDI-AUTHORS UNITE. Leave a link and find a read! Open book swap!

Didi Oviatt -Author

  Don’t miss your chance for a great swap!  There are some AWESOME books here available for reviews. 

I’ve personally added each book suggested so far onto my TBR list, and I can’t wait to read them!

I’ve noticed a slight lack in support as of late. There is a lot of talking and not much reviewing of each others Indi books!

So, I’ve decided to drop this post as a semi-permanent place to read and review each others books. We’ll call it a ‘pick your book swap’.  Leave an order link in the comments with your work, THEN come back whenever you’d like and PICK ONE TO READ! Please only share if you plan on reading another.  

This isn’t only a promote yourself post, but a show your support for other amazing authors! Please share share share!!   I’m talking share you links, share this post, and lets share…

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“Tangled in Time, (Miss Main Street Book 1)” by Angela Castillo

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#FREE for a limited time!

Tangled in Time cover

“Tangled in Time, (Miss Main Street Book 1)

Genre: Contemporary/Christian/Romance

Release Date: July 1, 2017

Amazon ButtonKindle Unlimited

Clean slice-of-life women’s fiction with a romantic thread and Christian elements
Every small town has its secrets. Darcy’s have been locked up inside her since that last summer when she left Wimber, Texas, and the boy she loved, for a glitzy life in Los Angeles.
Seven years later, her gran’s passed away. Darcy’s been named as the sole owner of the Tangled in Time antique store. Darcy can’t wait to get back to the place where she’s always felt she belonged. But owning a business isn’t as easy as it seems. And sometimes the past is better left alone.
But Darcy is determined to push forward, despite the obstacles that cross her path. And maybe even have another chance to be with the man who…

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“Toughen up because life’s tough.”

Available now in Print!

Felicia Denise, Author

Free, a Novella print copy

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Lenore Porter’s life had not gone as she planned. The marriage she put her heart and soul into failed. The man she sacrificed so much for abandoned her. But Lennie refused to be broken. She pushed on, running a successful business and raising her three sons alone.

Through health scares, severe family dysfunction, and trauma which forever changed their lives, the Porter family clung to each other to keep from sinking into the darkness. With her marriage over long ago and her adult sons living their own lives, Lenore Porter decides to sell the cold fortress she worked so hard to make a warm, loving home.

A short, final inspection of her former home turns into a confrontation with ghosts from the past, and decisions and events Lennie felt she’d dealt with and moved on from.

Free, a Novella is a short, clean read recounting one woman’s…

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