John Michael Hileman – Unseen

UnseenUnseen surprised me.

It had me clutching my knuckles to my lips in nervous anticipation of what may transpire. I have mainly stuck to reading romance books since I have taken up reading again but this Mystery Crime Paranormal Thriller was well worth the venture into unread territories. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a thrill.

John Michael Hileman begins us with Jake our main character having one of the weirdest days of his life. He loses his job, an old women, seeming to be mentally unstable, visits him, delivering an odd message, his girlfriend Jenna, who is next in line for an acting contact, receives it due to a friends mysterious accident, he starts seeing phantom children and his sister, Holly’s boy, who he hasn’t seen in years, is kidnapped by a serial killer. Jake starts questioning his sanity as any of us would but tries to use his new talent of seeing phantom children to help find his nephew.

Jake Paris’s friend, Dan, is my favorite character; he is a silent kind of hero who has a Compulsive Disorder with a side of OCD. My least favorite is the serial killer but John did well in writing this character. This book is full of twists and turns so buckle up and hold on tight.


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