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Curtesy of bookloversthoughts.tumblr.com
Curtesy of bookloversthoughts.tumblr.com

Character Interview: Valerie from Her Unexpected Life on Lexi Miles Author


valerieAuthor Lexi Miles has Valerie, the leading lady, from Her Unexpected Life in for a character interview courtesy of Brickley Jules


Today I Have The Pleasure Of Welcoming A Special Guest Here For A Character Interview Valerie!

(Her Unexpected Life, a Chick Lit, by Brickley Jules).


Source: Character Interview: Valerie – Lexi Miles Author

Dean Koontz – The Darkest Evening of the Year

Here it comes the unfavorable review I hate to write.  I hope you will get your own copy and come to your own conclusions.

The best things in my opinion about The Darkest Evening of the Year was that it was easy to read, no noticeable typos and had a couple of plots going that coalesced into one plot eventually. (Like at the very end of the book.) Psychopathic inspired death was abundant though but not overly gory in detail. Dean Koontz does give the reader a happy ending for the few living characters that remain.

I’m always torn about giving a bad sounding review every time I do it. Can I or should I give a book a bad review simply because it’s not my cup of tea? Simply because I couldn’t relate to it? I read the whole book, soldier on through hoping that I would like it. It was a recommendation so I also worry about hurting feelings as well. But it is useless I do not like the book. It even has a paranormal turn toward the end as well. I love paranormal but not this book.

The split plot may have been the turn off for me. Or the multiple characters with multiple identities might have been my stinky fish. But I think the problem was I didn’t get information that would have made me relate to the characters better until almost the end of the book. I realize I am criticizing a beloved author of many, an author even my husband has heard of. But alas I cannot help it, lip service helps no one.

The characters, Amy and Brian are like any other couple each having secrets they haven’t shared with the other. A miraculous return of a past friend and unfortunate reappearance of an old enemy suddenly makes telling these secrets a priority. Amy rescues dogs as pence for sins, some not even her own. And Brian helps her out of guilt for past mistakes. Eventually their pasts catch up to them both but neither realizes that they are meant to share a destiny.

The revolting, Vanessa and Harrow are my least favorite characters because they are murderous psychopaths. Nicki is my favorite. I wish I had learned key knowledge about each character earlier in the story and wish I had learned more about Nicki and her miraculousness. I think I would have liked the book better.

It’s that time of year again… ReBlog – Resolutions for 2016 That Every Aspiring Author Should Make – Self-Publishing News for Self Publishing Authors

ReBlog – As I mentioned earlier I don’t make resolutions but if I ever was going to these might make the top of my list.

We’re halfway through the month… Are you still on track with your New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t let the momentum of your resolve slow down! Here are some goals specifically …

Source: Resolutions for 2016 That Every Aspiring Author Should Make – Self-Publishing News for Self Publishing Authors

New Years Resolutions – Yes or No?

Do you make resolutions at New Years? Do you actively work to keep them?

I don’t make them because if I did I would have to keep them. It would be NaNoWriMo every month of the year. I can’t handle that kind of stress. So, I decided a long time ago that New Years Resolutions weren’t for me.

Do your resolutions stress you out? Or are you able to let it go if you don’t keep it? If you can I envy you.


ReBlog – Self-Editing Your Novel: The Final Steps – The Writers’ Den


It’s editing time again, with this being our last post on how to self-edit your novel. Now you’ve completed our other three sets of tips, it’s time to look at polishing your manuscript off. You’ve …

Source: Self-Editing Your Novel: The Final Steps – The Writers’ Den

ReBlog – A Writer’s Writing Tools | The Caffeinated Writer


Everybody has their favorite method of writing. Some have a couple. Your preference is not the same as everyone else’s, and that’s okay! We all have our method of doing things. Do what …

Source: A Writer’s Writing Tools | The Caffeinated Writer

Weekend Quotes

Weekend Quotes

Curtesy of fuckyeahreading.tumblr.com
Curtesy of fuckyeahreading.tumblr.com

ReBlog – Who’s on First: How to Write First, Second, and Third Person POV – Turtle Writer


When it comes to writing a narrative, perspective plays a big role. It may not be something readers particularly notice—in fact, if done well, readers won’t notice at all!—but poi…

Source: Who’s on First: How to Write First, Second, and Third Person POV – Turtle Writer

S.A. Wolfe – Fearsome

Fearsome is the first in the series of the same name by S. A. Wolfe.

It is not your typical girl meets guy and falls in love. It is complicated and messy just like real life. Typical to a romance there is turmoil and struggle for the characters in the story, as normal most of it is brought on by self-doubt and second guessing what the heart and mind are saying. In addition to this there is depression, anxiety and compulsive behavior that actually adds normalcy to the characters if you can believe that.

FearsomeJessica the leading lady of this story has been thrust into a world of peers that are years older than her all her life. So when an unforeseeable event has a New York City girl heading to the country, a seemingly simple undesired task turns her whole world upside down. Arriving in the country to a brooding hottie, Carson, who ignores her completely while a Hampton’s look-a-like, Dylan, forces his way into her life. A lot of unbelievable revelations are revealed fairly early in the story but do not lose heart because there are more dramatic tidbits dropped on the reader towards the end.

I was drawn to Carson and was naturally untrusting of Dylan. I prefer a man dripping in masculinity not gently perspiring it. Jessica is the typical character type: unwanted, unloved and unappreciated, a wounded bird willing to latch on to anything that will take it. I feel for her because she stepped in it and did not know how to fix her screw up. Her brain was always working overtime trying to solve the riddles of her life while her heart had it all sorted out at the beginning. I hope there are more books about this group of characters.

ReBlog – The Power of Editing: How the Right Editor Helped One Author Find Her Voice, and Publish Her Book | Kobo Writing Life


By Natasa Lekic, NY Book Editors

Advice columnist K.T. Edwards started working on her first book in 2011. She wanted to write about her own experiences being unlucky in love. While she was comforta…

Source: The Power of Editing: How the Right Editor Helped One Author Find Her Voice, and Publish Her Book | Kobo Writing Life

ReBlog – The Path to Freedom is Now Forever Free in All E-Formats – Lisa Pietsch & The Guys


That’s right, free to download in any e-format.

Source: The Path to Freedom is Now Forever Free in All E-Formats – Lisa Pietsch & The Guys

ReBlog – What Is “Head-Hopping” In Writing, and Why Shouldn’t You Do It? – Bryn Donovan


A lot of writers have never come across the term “head-hopping” or its definition. I was one of those writers when I completed my first novel (which is unpublished, and will probably re…

Source: What Is “Head-Hopping” In Writing, and Why Shouldn’t You Do It? – Bryn Donovan

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Curtesy of an article from BuzzFeed
Curtesy of an article from BuzzFeed