Character Interview: Haven from Vested In Her on Lexi Miles Author

Author Lexi Miles has Haven, the leading lady, from Vested in Her in for a character interview courtesy of Brickley Jules.


Today I Have The Pleasure Of Welcoming A Special Guest Here For A Character Interview Haven!

(Vested In Her, an Erotic Romance, by Brickley Jules).

Source: Character Interview: Haven – Lexi Miles Author

Haven - Vested In Her

Character Interview: Valerie from Her Unexpected Life on Lexi Miles Author


valerieAuthor Lexi Miles has Valerie, the leading lady, from Her Unexpected Life in for a character interview courtesy of Brickley Jules


Today I Have The Pleasure Of Welcoming A Special Guest Here For A Character Interview Valerie!

(Her Unexpected Life, a Chick Lit, by Brickley Jules).


Source: Character Interview: Valerie – Lexi Miles Author

ReBlog – Script Alchemy: Interview: Lexi Miles (author)

ReBlog – Check out this great interview of the ever giggling Lexi Miles.

Interview: Lexi Miles (author)

Folk on Twitter know Lexi Miles for her cheeky *giggles*, good humour and positive vibes.  She’s always there with upbeat comments and a smile. She is one of those adorable people who you just wanna hug. She’s also an author so crazily in love, she spent her life pursuing her passion – writing.I discovered, she’s also got a lot to say on this… 🙂

Source: Script Alchemy: Interview: Lexi Miles (author)

Lexi Miles – Custom Fit

Custom Fit is Book One in the Holiday Fever Series

I found a new author to stalk … I mean follow.


I can’t wait for Lexi Miles next book. I wonder if it will involve characters from Custom Fit or if it will start fresh with a new set of people to fall in love with. It might since this is a stand alone with a happy ending. I believe this is her debut novel and as debuts go this was a good one.

Lexi starts the story with the lovely Sunny landing her dream job. Or maybe her favorite fantasy to dream about. Sunny is a stylist and has been sent to dress the one and only Striker. Sunny has seen all of Strikers movies, multiple times but feels she can separate her movie star crush from her day job. Sunny and Striker instantly get along and communicate easily with each other.

A few obstacles present themselves for Sunny. She is tormented and vexed by a member of Strikers camp and then is belittled by a member of her own. Will it all work out? Can she keep her crush from growing into an affection?

I won’t go into too much details about the part I dislike in an attempt to keep my review spoiler free. But there are several characters that I dislike and their actions as well. You’ll know who I’m talking about as soon as they appear in the book.

Next time you’re trying to pick a book to read I suggests you give this author a shot. Happy endings and stand alones are such a nice way to end a stressful day.