Massive E-Book Sale, because… ITS MY BIRTHDAY!

Didi Oviatt -Author

Last year I had someone ask me on Facebook how old I was, because they thought their notification was wrong. About an hour after I commented back saying 33, a close friend of mine called.

She was like, “Hey, why are you lying about your age, beotch?”

And, I was like, “Um, what the hell are you talking about?”

She proceeded to help me do the math, and it turns out she was right. She’s a bit of a math weirdo, and usually is right about anything at all that has to do with numbers, so I really wasn’t surprised. Don’t ask me how I could possibly be getting my own age mixed up already!? *slaps forehead* So this year, I know for a FACT that I’m 33!!

Anyhow, back to reality… I’ve marked EVERY single one of my books (that I can….) down to $.99 to celebrate!!!  So grab yourselves a copy of any you’d like or all of…

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