ReBlog – The Crucial Importance of “Candy Bar” Scenes in Your Writing

Source: Mike Wells Official Website: The Crucial Importance of “Candy Bar” Scenes in Your Writing

ReBlog – Advice for Struggling Writers

Okay, guys. I haven’t blogged in a long, long time, and I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now, either. Tracked is almost here. I’m five weeks away from my debut’s release. What’s more, I’m right in the hairy-scary thick of it, working on revisions for book two. And yet. I’m itching to write this. I really want to put some love out there, for all the writers, and artists, and basically, anyone else who needs it. So here it is—my advice, to you:

Source: Advice for Struggling Writers | Jenny Martin

Changes blowing in

Storms a strong one

I will be doing some restructuring of what I post when.  And maybe the website in general.  I know that both my Review Sharing segments will probably disappear.  They don’t seem to generate a lot of buzz from you guys.  Not sure if anyone even clicks the links I put in them to read the reviews.  Would love some feedback from you.  What are things you like to see on a blog?

In a side note I’m experimenting with the backdate feature on this post.  Always trying to learn.

ReBlog – Finally! An Easy Way To Know When (And How) To Use A Semicolon!

Semicolons can be frustrating; using them incorrectly can cause rage.

Source: Finally! An Easy Way To Know When (And How) To Use A Semicolon! – The Writer’s Circle

My #1linewed Nicknames Twitter

Brickley Jules


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

I fully believe that u were hidden away from it all & just recently got your wings, little bird, to escape ur cage

That was some shower, my pearl!

I wanted to be alone with my pearl, uninterrupted.

Maybe I should call you Mr. Prepared instead of Dragon Slayer.

I love your magic, Dragon Slayer…

If you’re going to survive here, especially in this town, you have to develop a tougher skin, little fish.


#TeaserTues – Out of the Blue Again

Out of the Blue

So, here we are again.

I’m posting yet another edit of Out of the Blue.  If you’ve been following along I hope you see growth in the excerpt.  I added at bit more to it today for your reading pleasure.  Including the Prologues I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep.  This version is the result of my editor, Genevieve Scholl and a great lady, Renee Stanley, who is a big help to me.

Out of the Blue January 19

Out of the Blue December 8

Out of the Blue December 1

Out of the Blue September 29

Out of the Blue


16 years ago.

Callie clings to her husband as the sun sets across the ocean, knowing his pride has already decided the outcome of the events about to unfold. Callie’s heart beats against her chest, she knows by the end of the day, she might be a widow left to care for four little girls alone in an unfamiliar world.

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ReBlog – Science Fiction Publishers 2016 (No Agent Required!)

Hi friends! Last week I published a list of agents who represent scifi, but as I said, you can publish a book without an agent. Here are a bunch of publishers who accept unagented submissions, along with comments from editors on what they’re looking for. All the tweets here date from late summer and fall 2015.

Source: Science Fiction Publishers 2016 (No Agent Required!) – Bryn Donovan

ReBlog – Day 28 NaNo writing inspiration: don’t be a non-writing writer

Every single writer can identify with this feeling. It’s the 28th day. There’s two days more to write, but don’t feel bad because there’s lots to go to 50,000. Keep writing.

Source: Day 28 NaNo writing inspiration: don’t be a non-writing writer | La Petit Muse

Reblog – If You’re A Writer, You Need To Follow These 12 Twitter Accounts

Twitter has your back for advice, encouragement, and tips to get published.

Source: If You’re A Writer, You Need To Follow These 12 Twitter Accounts – The Writer’s Circle


Brickley Jules


I have been learning a lot here lately about editing. Unlike most of what I have done before or thought I learned, this is all based on advice from other Authors.  (You know who you are.)

Thank you writing community.

I’m going to make a list of all the things I’ve learned that I need more of.  So far I’ve only dipped my toe in the waters but I need to just jump in.

  • POV – needs to remain consistent
  • Inner Monologue – inner thoughts of POV character
  • Dialogue Tags -who’s talking
  • Actions – leaning, putting on seat belt, walking
  • Reaction – shaking, trembling, heart racing
  • Contractions – he’s, he’ll
  • Texture – bumpy, smooth, rough
  • Back Story – thing leading character here, relative things in past
  • Emotion – how the character feels
  • Smell – alluring, unappealing
  • Description – what things are, what things look like
  • Sound – noise, ambiance
  • Taste – salty, sweet, sour
  • Narration – more story telling through the narrator
  • Continuity – blue eyes need to stay blue unless something happens to change it like contacts or magic

I need less of this.

  • Names in Dialogue – unnatural sounding
  • Dialogue – if it can be narrated, narrate it
  • Text Talk -only things everyone would understand

Make’s you wonder what my 50,000 words were before. Apparently, a very detailed outline. Lol!

My #1linewed Texture Twitter



My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

“It is a timeless classic in ladies’ lingerie, especially paired with fuzzy mule heels.”

The tank top and bicycle shorts cling to her body, causing her to squirm for relief. She can only imagine what the shoes will feel like.

I like the pie. It’s so creamy with a bit of crunch.

ReBlog – 50 Questions to Ask Your Antagonist

Antagonists are tricky. Too little work, and the antagonist comes across flat. A flat antagonist is easy and boring, because he or she won’t push the protagonist hard enough. We all know the saying: Every villain is his own hero. Use these questions to uncover hidden backstory, depth, and softness in your antagonist.

Source: 50 Questions to Ask Your Antagonist – Alyssa Hollingsworth

Mike Wells Official Website: 6 Tips to Help You Get That Novel Written

Many people have a deep desire to write a novel but just can’t seem to get it done.  Here are six tips that should help.

Source: Mike Wells Official Website: 6 Tips to Help You Get That Novel Written

My #1linewed Scent/Smell Twitter

Brickley Jules



My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

His musky, virile scent reaches out to her, luring her feminine desires to approach the surface.

She struggles to put on his shirt, which causes his scent to surround her. She revels in it as it covers her body and soaks into her skin.

She felt hypnotized after catching a mire whiff of his alluring scent when he held her on the beach.

She can smell his attraction to her, too, and wonders why he doesn’t act on it.

The bed, the pillows, even the room smells like Drake.


Cait Jarrod Website

This lady has my back during #1linewed.

As a child, I entertained myself for hours playing pretend, but not with dolls and such. I created stories and pictured them in my mind, sometimes even acted them out, my well preserved secret until now. I spent years after leaving school trying to figure out my niche. Not being a literary enthusiast, I never thought my childhood pastime would lead in this direction.

Source: About Me – Cait Jarrod