Bella Love-Wins – Cabin Heat

Cabin Heat
In my opinion Cabin Heat gave Bella a great foundation to start with for the series and the spin-offs.

Cabin Heat is Book One in The Billionaire Romance Redemption Series.

I actually read Cabin Heat after I read Cabin Bear Heat. Bella reworked Cabin Heat into a shifter series and it is some of her best work, leading to many other spin-off books.

Our story begins with a winter storm rolling in and a group of college students thinking attempting to make it across the mountains. They don’t make it and end up in the hunky ex-doctor Andrews care. Andrew instantly feels a connection with Abby one of the students who injured her foot. Abby feels the same attraction to Andrew and it isn’t long before they are tangled into a steamy romance that even a blizzard can’t cool.

Cabin HeatAndrew still has my heart and his story is heart wrenching. I would have to say my least favorite character is Barb, who has a nasty demeanor, her unfriendly self-involved attitude is very off-putting. It really gives her character a realness.

What will happen when the roads are cleared and everyone goes back to real life? Will Andrew continue his relationship with Abby or was she just a convenient distraction?

My #1linewed – Eyebrows


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

Sound familiar?” Boone raises his eyebrows, questioning Drake.

Does he know?  Did Boone tell them?  Callisto’s eyebrows raise in surprise. “Um…?”

Her interest peeked, Callisto’s eyebrow rises as she asks, “You do not know already?



ReBlog – #TeaserTuesday #Fiction “Two Can Play That Game” – Part 4 – END ?

@simpleymarquessa keeps me on the edge of my seat.

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“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said any of that.” She gave me an apologetic look and downed the rest of her coffee. Then, she abruptly stood up, grabbed her bag and headed through the coffee shop doors. I quickly picked up my coffee and trailed behind her…

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ReBlog – Script Alchemy

If you’re like me you have been looking for a hashtag list specifically for writers like this one.

When I went to put together my ‘Hashtag Writer Week‘ T-shirts on Redbubble, I started researching which hashtags were most used and enjoyed by writers each day of the week. I couldn’t find a comprehensive list, anywhere, that had all the different games and distractions that even I knew of, let alone ones I don’t regularly play.

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ReBlog – #WriterWednesday – After Party Goodie Bag from the Shameless Self-Promotion “5 à 7” Blogging Event

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Last week’s “5 à 7” was small and intimate event but WOW, we had a lot of great exchanges and we made new friends! I’m hop…

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#TeaserTues #Fictionfriday – Her Unexpected Life Excerpt Edited-2

Her Unexpected Life

So I’m setting out to update all my social feeds and thought I might want to share the latest draft of Chapter One with some of my favorite folks.

Her Unexpected Life – 12-15-15

Chapter One-End of January

In the middle of the pop isle of the local Hugemart, Valerie Cooper receives a text from her husband, “I’m moving out.”

Valerie is certain that auto correct must be playing games with her and texts back, “What? I think auto correct got you.”

He replies back, “No it didn’t. I’m moving out and in with Wendy.”

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Robert Thier – Robber Knight

Robber Knight
Great Wattpad find!

The Robber Knight is Book One in the Robber Knight Saga

This is a good book. It is the prequel to The Robber Knight’s Love and it tells the story of how Ayla and Reuben meet. I read The Robber Knight’s Love first and then discovered that this book existed. These books are located on this budding writer web app, Wattpad, a colleague introduced me to. This book has gotten published and is available with additional chapters for purchase. I plan on purchasing it to read the additional chapters, which promise to give more insight into Reuben. Do I think you have to read this prequel to be able to achieve understanding in the following book? No, I don’t. Do I think you should read this book? Yes, I think you should and unlike me try to read them in the right order. I find myself having little epiphanies of understanding the more I read. Things that were alluded to in the second book are painted in brilliant colors in the first.

The world of these books is in the days of Knights and Lady’s, King’s and Queens Robber Knightand Lord’s and Vassals. The Margrave Markus von Falkenstein has offered to marry Lady Ayla von Luntberg and spare most of her people or she could take his declaration of war. Since her father is unable to lead his people, into a feud Ayla must take on his responsibilities as commander. She choses to refuse to marry the Margrave and accepts his feud. He sends Sir Luca DeLombardi and hundreds of mercenaries to take her lands. Even being outnumbered she foils all his plans with the help of the “merchant” Reuben, who she found in the woods with three arrows in his back. She has been caring for Reuben and finds comfort from her woes when she is with him. But Reuben has a secret and Sir Luca could be the devil to reveal it.

As with the second book my favorite character is Reuben. He is a poor guy trying to survive the only way he can. Not the nicest or moralist way but his way. He used to be a good guy and some unknown thing happens to him and now he is a man only concerned with his self. I have issues personally with criminal characters and coming to terms with where the line is. If he was a werewolf, vampire or such he could be a ruthless as the Margrave is but as a man I hold him to a higher moral code. But maybe he isn’t a man. Maybe he is some sort of demon. Having read the second one first I am aware of subtle things that make me wonder about Reuben. He’s definitely different. Maybe after reading the published Special Addition version I will know why.

My #1linewed – 23


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

He takes her hand and puts their palms together, her fingers little wisps compared to the thick trunks that are his.

In the distance, he can hear sirens blaring.


ReBlog – #TeaserTuesday #Fiction “Two Can Play That Game” – Part 3

@simpleymarquessa continues to keep us captivated with her installment short story.

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Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2

“Give me your hand. I’ll give you a… “reading”.

I laughed again as I gave her my hand.

“How much will it cost me?”

I had started this game and she wasn’t afraid to play. I was already hooked.

“Not one penny.”

Continue the story here: #TeaserTuesday: “Two Can Play That Game” – Part 3 – #Fiction

#AmEditing -Well I’m supposed to be

Weeks theme is clean this house!


I finished edits on Her Unexpected Life and sent it away to those who know more than me.

I immediately dove back into editing Out of the Blue to get it sent off before Camp Nano.

But the last two weeks I’ve been trying to use my long free days to clean my house.

Spring is coming. I can tell because the dog is slowly losing all his fur. Well, not all of it just his winter coat.

Pieces of hair group together in a matter of days. Little piles of dog hair lie under every available surface. Get one room done and you notice the other room has been taken over.

Wouldn’t trade my boy though. He’s worth a little extra effort.

ReBlog – What’s in a Name? 5 Authors and Their Pseudonyms


There are many advantages to choosing a pseudonym. Sometimes, what you write might not get published because of the author’s reputation. Other times, the author just wants their privacy. But it can also be a way for famous authors to test whether or not they are still writing as well as they used to, or if they are past their prime. Whatever the reason, the amount of authors who have used pen names may surprise you.Here are just five famous authors and the fascinating stories behind their pseudonyms!

Source: What’s in a Name? 5 Authors and Their Pseudonyms – The Writer’s Circle

ReBlog – Three Ways to Make Your Story Pull Readers In from the First Page

  1. Open with Enticing Dialogue that Immediately Establishes Tension

Source: Mike Wells Official Website: Three Ways to Make Your Story Pull Readers In from the First Page

ReBlog – # Reviews How to Get Amazon Reviews Before your Kindle Book is Published

I screwed up. I admit it. But sometimes screwing up turns out to be a great thing. Like when Alexander Fleming screwed up and accidentally invented penicillin. My screw-up wasn’t that importa…

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Marquessa Matthews Website

Great blog to follow! #FF @simplymarquessa #FriendFriday

*This is an award and challenge-free blog. Your kindness and support are always welcomed and appreciated!* ABOUT ME: I live in Montreal, Canada and though I work as a consultant, I have always had…

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ReBlog – Buster Keaton and The Art of Showing (Not Telling)


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