Robert Their – The Robber Knights Love

The Robber Knight’s Love is Book Tow in the Robber Knight Saga

I really like this book, but I don’t think it’s a book yet. I don’t think it’s finished or published anywhere but on this neat app a colleague introduced me too. As a matter of fact I thought I finished it yesterday and just checked to make sure I was spelling the authors name right and BAM I was notified that two more chapters had been added. I think I am going to like this app. It has completed books on it too. Robber Knights Love actually has a precursor, The Robber Knight; now that I know about it I will read it as well.

The Robber Knights LoveThe Robber Knights Love takes place centuries ago in the age of Knights and Ladies who rule Kingdoms. Ayla the Lady of the Castle is under attack from an enemy with ill intentions. He is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. Ayla has been nursing Reuben, a self-proclaimed merchant back to health and we come into the story after he has professed his love for her. But Reuben has a very large secret and once Ayla discovers it she may send him to the gallows. Can Reuben win her back if she does discover his secret? Does she even have feelings for him? Is he just handy to have around in this time of war?

Reuben by far is my favorite character, which is not typical of me. I usually don’t like the human characters that are murderers, thieves or criminals. Werewolves and vampires can do unspeakable things and it’s fine because it’s in their nature. This book however is in times of war, where all good men must kill bad men to survive so I can look over Reuben’s transgressions, as he is the lesser of several evils plaguing the castle. Ayla is way to innocent and naïve for my liking. She is also quite virtuous, never giving in to Reuben’s advances. So for you who like a romance it’s here but there’s no steam.

Robert Thier – Robber Knight

Robber Knight
Great Wattpad find!

The Robber Knight is Book One in the Robber Knight Saga

This is a good book. It is the prequel to The Robber Knight’s Love and it tells the story of how Ayla and Reuben meet. I read The Robber Knight’s Love first and then discovered that this book existed. These books are located on this budding writer web app, Wattpad, a colleague introduced me to. This book has gotten published and is available with additional chapters for purchase. I plan on purchasing it to read the additional chapters, which promise to give more insight into Reuben. Do I think you have to read this prequel to be able to achieve understanding in the following book? No, I don’t. Do I think you should read this book? Yes, I think you should and unlike me try to read them in the right order. I find myself having little epiphanies of understanding the more I read. Things that were alluded to in the second book are painted in brilliant colors in the first.

The world of these books is in the days of Knights and Lady’s, King’s and Queens Robber Knightand Lord’s and Vassals. The Margrave Markus von Falkenstein has offered to marry Lady Ayla von Luntberg and spare most of her people or she could take his declaration of war. Since her father is unable to lead his people, into a feud Ayla must take on his responsibilities as commander. She choses to refuse to marry the Margrave and accepts his feud. He sends Sir Luca DeLombardi and hundreds of mercenaries to take her lands. Even being outnumbered she foils all his plans with the help of the “merchant” Reuben, who she found in the woods with three arrows in his back. She has been caring for Reuben and finds comfort from her woes when she is with him. But Reuben has a secret and Sir Luca could be the devil to reveal it.

As with the second book my favorite character is Reuben. He is a poor guy trying to survive the only way he can. Not the nicest or moralist way but his way. He used to be a good guy and some unknown thing happens to him and now he is a man only concerned with his self. I have issues personally with criminal characters and coming to terms with where the line is. If he was a werewolf, vampire or such he could be a ruthless as the Margrave is but as a man I hold him to a higher moral code. But maybe he isn’t a man. Maybe he is some sort of demon. Having read the second one first I am aware of subtle things that make me wonder about Reuben. He’s definitely different. Maybe after reading the published Special Addition version I will know why.

2015 Year of Books

Brickley Jules

This is a pictorial list of the books I read in 2015.  Reviews for most of them can be found under the My Reviews section. I have 61 on here not to bad, I have a few I started but haven’t finished they will get counted when completed.

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