Like Trash

Six Word Story

How quickly you throw me away.

Story Poem

Is this a poem, a story, a life journey or the inner workings of my mind?

No one cares what I think.

Muse – Poetry Story


I’m unmotivated, my muse abandoned me.

More dark poetry

Here comes more darkness from me. 🤔

Tired of falling on your grenades.

Six word story or poetry?

Story or poem?

I can’t be me with you.

Side note: someone really needs to send me a link to the criteria of six word stories. I might be murdering them unconsciously.

Poetry or sixish-word story?

Poem or story?

Isolation. Self-inflicted?
Loneliness. Deserved?
Despair. Hopeless?

Writing Challenge to Myself

Six word story.


Your wolf won’t kill its mate.


I guess that’s seven words but it’s my first attempt.  Really I don’t even know the rules. I’m hoping this will help me remember a story idea until I get a chance to think about it more.