Bad Habit

You are my favorite bad habit.

My heart

They buried my heart with you.

My Crazy

My crazy’s trying to spill out.


My truth fell on death ears.


Why would you deny my happiness?

The Point

What is the point? My happiness.

Another six-word story-You

Going to bed smelling like you.

Like Trash

Six Word Story

How quickly you throw me away.

Story Poem

Is this a poem, a story, a life journey or the inner workings of my mind?

No one cares what I think.

Muse – Poetry Story


I’m unmotivated, my muse abandoned me.

More dark poetry

Here comes more darkness from me. 🤔

Tired of falling on your grenades.

Six word story or poetry?

Story or poem?

I can’t be me with you.

Side note: someone really needs to send me a link to the criteria of six word stories. I might be murdering them unconsciously.

Poetry or sixish-word story?

Poem or story?

Isolation. Self-inflicted?
Loneliness. Deserved?
Despair. Hopeless?

Writing Challenge to Myself

Six word story.


Your wolf won’t kill its mate.


I guess that’s seven words but it’s my first attempt.  Really I don’t even know the rules. I’m hoping this will help me remember a story idea until I get a chance to think about it more.