ReBlog – Prologue: Aggravated Momentum (18+ reading) – Didi Oviatt

ReBlog – Have you read Didi Oviatt yet?

PROLOGUE My hands are as far above my head as they can reach, my back intensely arched, and my calf muscles tighten, extending to the footboard. My pumpkin orange painted toes point as they join th…

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Iris Blobel – #NewRelease “Vested In Her” by @BrickleyJules

Vested In Her

“Vested In Her” by @BrickleyJules

Vested In Her by Brickley Jules

Small town biker princess Haven Mercedes Johnson wants to live a normal life, but she’s relentlessly protected by her father and his crazy right-hand man who will do anything to keep her under his thumb. With the help of an ex, Haven escapes the confines of the club, and after one last wild night, she eagerly sets off to start a new life. After being on the run for days, she’s taken under the wing of a kind woman named Ruby, and with her help, Haven disappears.

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ReBlog – He Said, She Said: Comments on Dialogue in Fiction | Kobo Writing Life

ReBlog – Some say ‘said’ is dead but others say it’s really the only way. I’m on the fence. I’d hate to say I wouldn’t use a style of writing. I think everything has it’s place.

Overall, it’s an interesting article. It covers -ly use and letting the dialogue speak on its own but mainly focuses on using simply ‘said.’

By Nathan Dodge (A slightly different version of this article originally appeared in the eZine Reflection’s Edge) What makes a writer effective in writing fictional dialogue? Why is it that some au…

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ReBlog – Where to Find Beta Readers – Bryn Donovan


What is a beta reader? it’s someone who reads your work and tells you what’s working and what needs fixing. If you’re doing the same for this person, then you might refer to them …

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Six Word Story — The Tony Burgess Blog

Absurdity is the spice of life

via Six Word Story — The Tony Burgess Blog

ReBlog – D.E. Haggerty – Writer, Blogger, Book Addict

Hi! I’m Dena (aka D.E. Haggerty).

I write stuff. Sometimes it’s books – you can see those at Books. When I’m not writing books, I’m thinking about writing books. Because I’m obsessed like that. See Coming Up for more info on that. I also blog because I have a lot to say or I can’t seem to shut up – one or the other. Either way, you can find my blog at My Musings. And – because I firmly believe in giving back to the awesome indie community – I also do book reviews and promote other (indie) authors on the Readsalot page. If you want to get in touch with me, please do! You can find out how to stalk me on the bar at the right. You can also just send me an old-fashioned email at (seriously, who ever thought email would be considered old fashioned?). I would love to hear from you!

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The Importance of the Book Pre-Order to Authors | A Writer’s Path

ReBlog- Very valid points in favor of the pre-order for your book.

by John Briggs

Does it really matter if you order a book online before its official release date? Before its “book birthday” as they say in publishing? Well, maybe not to the reader, who’s h…

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ReBlog – All The Games – Lo-arna Green

Sheri is a free spirit who picks herself up and keeps going no matter what situation she finds herself in. One thing—or person—who does manage to bother her when little else does is Link, her older brother’s friend. He burrows under her skin and stays there.

“I  don’t know how he ended up hating me as much as he does. But one thing is for certain, Lincoln cannot stand the sight of me.”

Sheri isn’t one to shy away from a challenge and she has a big one on her hands with her brother, Pat. When things worsen with Pat, she is forced to swallow her pride and enlist Link to help her, the two put aside their bickering and work together. Tensions and emotions reach epic heights.

Sheri can’t seem to commit to anything solid with sexy and attentive Drew even when he makes it clear he wants her by his side. But something is missing. A spark? Seething hatred perhaps? Is the hatred between her and Link merely a mask for passion and longing? Dive into Sheri’s journey to see if she gets her happily ever after.

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ReBlog – BookShelf | Vania Margene Rheault

While drowning his sorrows in a small downtown bar, Ben Langdon meets Lila. Only problem? She’s taken. Cutting his losses, he heads home. Intercepted by a phone call from a stranger pleading for help and an address he doesn’t recognize, Ben is led to The Maze, an eerie dance club of which he knows little except its motto: “One way in. No way out.” Leaving behind the woman of his dreams, Ben steps into the nightmare of his life.

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ReBlog – BookShelf | Vania Margene Rheault

Finding her way to Washington from Minnesota, Avery makes the journey to claim land she inherited from a man she never met. Will she find what she’s looking for in the stranger she meets there? Or has she made the trip for naught?

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ReBlog – All The Darkness – Lo-arna Green

Nate knew a life of colour when he had Stella by his side.

Now she’s gone, her life cut short, he sinks deep into darkness when he discovers who is responsible.

He leaves town and leads a quiet life keeping to himself, not feeling he deserves anything more than just merely existing, in all the darkness.

Edie is trapped in her life, made prisoner by those who are meant to love and protect her.

She is drowning in a quicksand she can’t breathe in. She’s lost her voice, her strength, her self-esteem.

When these two cross paths, they’ll both wonder if they deserve happiness. Can they make their way out of the darkness and to happiness with each other?

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ReBlog – All The Colours – Lo-arna Green

Jazz lives her life according to colour.She vibes off people’s colour.Her world is happy, bright, fluro. Until her sister goes missing, followed closely by her mother.

She moves across the country and starts a new life. Some of it good, some of it a little bad. All of it colourful. It is there she meets a man who makes her question herself, her previous life and where she is going in this one. Jazz wants to move forward but she also can’t forget the mystery surrounding her mother and sister.

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ReBlog – Conundrum | Felicia Denise, Author


Photo post by @MsFelicia.

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ReBlog – Vania Margene Rheault | Writing. . .a little bit of everything.

How It All Began . . .

After a failed attempt at an HR career and 20 years of not writing, I started again. Thank you to all the companies who did not hire me after graduation! I have never been happier putting my first degree (English with a concentration in Creative Writing) to use. I can’t believe I wasted so much time, but yet I was growing up, figuring myself out, and raising my children. Now I have time for my own and a job with a tremendous amount of downtime (not HR!)…

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ReBlog – Meet the Author (Lo-arna Green Interview) – SILVER BEANS CAFE ​THE ULTIMATE BOOK CLUB

Hello to all of you out there in the SBC universe. My name is Royal and today I had the pleasure of interviewing a writer who I’m sure you all will find to be extremely fascinating. This interview features celebrated writer Lo-arna Green. Here is what Lo-arna had to say to us here at SBC when we sat down with her for her interview.

So Lo-arna let’s start the interview with this question, WHAT GENRE do you write in? Why?

Romance mainly. They were always my favourite to read. Romance and horror.

And what are the TITLES OF YOUR BOOKS Lo-arna?

Released book titles are All The Colours, All The Darkness and All The Games. They are a series, each focusing on a different character within that circle of friends. I have one more planned for the series and have a few others I am working on at the moment.

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