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Leaning Towards Waiting

I have been considering waiting to publish Out of the Blue once editing is complete.  See this post.  It has taken me a year to get this far with it.  I know from NaNo I can write a book in a month but the next book in the Blue series follows a similar timeline as the first so some events cross over.  I don’t think I can write Into the Blue in a month and keep all that straight.

I have about 3,000 words written on Into the Blue and only need another 50,000 or so more.  If I give myself six months to write and six months to edit that sounds like plenty of time.  I worry about it taking longer writing it because three of the six months is summer break for the kids. I also hope to be working more part-time hours during the day once the littlest person goes to school full-time to kindergarten.

Then I have to consider my editors schedule as well.  She is booked about three months out from what I can tell.  I could give her a projected date and see if she will pencil me in.  Once her editing starts it looks like with the revisions being sent back and forth between the two of us is a two month window.  That length has more to do with me than her; chauffeuring little people around eats into my writer time.

I hope all of this becomes easier as a writer develops.  Learning if you can write 2000 words a day with two kids running through the house.  Learning to be able to judge a month in advance if you will complete your novel on time.  I’m still not done with Out of the Blue so none of this currently matters but it is something to consider.  I won Nano so I know I can do it but the laundry, cleaning and other stay at home mom things suffered.  Hubby pitched in after he worked 8-9 hour labor intense days, which ended and begun in him spending over an hour in the truck commuting.

Some may say excuses are easy to come up with.  I think we still have to live and allow life to happen.  We just need to factor extra time into our goals for it.

Out of the Blue

My Tumblr

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Worth its weight in post?

I have added another social media to my belt: Tumblr.   I don’t know if I will keep it but with its abilities to be Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Google, etc. it may be worth its weight in posts.

ReBlog – The Importance of Editing for Self-Publishing Authors

When readers are browsing for a new book, they’re going to be drawn to a great book cover and a catchy title. They’ll read the blurb on the back cover, but before actually taking the plunge and hitting the BUY button, most readers will skim the first few pages of a book that interests them… And if these pages are riddled with errors, the consumer is off to the next book. In order to be taken seriously, self-published books must be professionally edited.

Source: The Importance of Editing for Self-Publishing Authors | Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors

Almost Done

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Three quarters of Corrections Complete

Last night I finished with section two of my edits on Out of the Blue from the editor.  Bringing about 46,000 words into a better world.  Section three currently has another 13,800 words that I will drag out of the muck with the corrections and suggestions sent from my editor.

In addition to her critique I have been using the notecards system and making a new card for every setting, person, and day.  I snuck in a miscellaneous pile as well for things that just don’t fit in the other three categories. I write descriptions and important info as I read it in the story on the card.  If I find a card has only a scarce amount of scribbles on it I go back and add some description about the item on the card.  Keeping in mind to be precise and brief in an attempt to show and not tell.  I did this with the first section I sent my editor and she liked the changes I made using this method. (Hallelujah I found something that works for me!) She wasn’t a big fan of some of my other attempts.  Lol!

This is my first book and I’m just learning what works and doesn’t.  I’ll read through the section once more before I send it to her after I go through the cards.  Just doubling checking weak points the cards point out.  Then its on to those last 13,800 words.

Out of the Blue

My #1linewed Sun Twitter

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My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.


Callie clings to her husband as the sun sets across the ocean, knowing his pride has already decided the outcome of the events about to unfold.

Sunlight peeks in the window, erasing the remaining fog in her mind from the dream.

They leisurely eat inside, watching the creek glisten in the morning sunlight as it flows to its destination.

Morning sunlight streams in the window.

ReBlog – How I Doubled My Annual Kobo Sales in 2015

By Cristin Harber

One of my 2015 goals was to rely less on Amazon. They owned over 75% of my market share in 2014, and I wasn’t comfortable with that. So I prioritized Kobo and iBooks for 2015, drafting two distinct marketing plans. Basically, I needed to make the sales needle move substantially without a scary financial investment.

Source: How I Doubled My Annual Kobo Sales in 2015 | Kobo Writing Life

ReBlog – Literary Agents: How To Approach Them

So you’ve taken the first steps towards finding a literary agent that suits you. Now you’ve got one or two in mind, how do you go about approaching them? There are so many ways that you can go wrong here, so here’s a few tips to keep you on the right track.

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I forgot something

You know that feeling when you are alone but you are so used to having your kids around that you think you forgot something?  I currently am feeling this about my book…  I have sent it off to the editor and have even made some changes to the first third and sent them back.  I added some more description to that part last night.  Today I am left with no book to edit.  I have been working since December 1st on that thing and know I am alone.  I miss my book baby.

I have even sent my #NaNoWriMo book to the editor with the promise I won’t do any editing before she looks at it.  So, I don’t have that book baby either.

The Witch and the Wolf is mad at me because I won’t write a flashback scene so it won’t talk to me until I attempt it.

I guess I could attempt to work on Into the Blue but it is the second Blue Series book and I kind of need the first one finalized before I can do much more on Into the Blue.

Well, I guess I will have to read.  Darn it. 😉


My #1linewed Dark Twitter

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My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.


#TeaserTues – Out of the Blue Take-10? (I lost count)

Out of the Blue

I sought professional help

If you have been following along with my progression on Out of the Blue you know I have edited this thing almost to death.  I recently acquired the services of an editor and I hope with her help to put this book in the done column.  I know lots of authors don’t use their first book; maybe they use it as a learning experience and never publish, maybe they revisit it later or maybe they trash it half way through.  I would like to publish mine; not because I think it’s a great gift to the world but simple to say I published it.

My editor requested that I not attempt to edit my #NaNoWriMo book Her Unexpected Life and send it to her as is.  She wants to see how I write before I try to fix it.  I tried several strategies to edit Out of the Blue but couldn’t get a good rhythm so that’s why I hired an editor.  She has already pointed out several things to change that I thought were okay.  Oh and then there’s grammar my nemesis.  We have a hate/hate relationship with each other.  Commas vex me in my sleep, they say add me here, you know you want to.  I think they instigate characters taking over pov out of turn, too.  Or that could be caused by writing without an outline.  Who’s to say, really?  Oh, look I think I’m rambling.  If you’re still with me, here is a new and improved version of the selection of Out of the Blue I have been sharing with you fine folks.  Plus the previous versions links as well.

Out of the Blue December 8

Out of the Blue December 1

Out of the Blue September 29

Out of the Blue

Chapter One-Friday, November 14, 2014

Callisto slides through the currents as graceful as a ballerina, twirling and gliding around obstacles in her path as she makes her way to an unfamiliar beach. Knots of eagerness have afflicted her through her whole journey, but her anticipation for a better life away from the pod continues to propel her forward.

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ReBlog – Fantasy Publishers 2016 (No Agent Required!)

I love the stuff she posts.

Last week I shared a list of agents accepting submissions of fantasy novels, but here are a bunch of publishers who accept unagented submissions. This list is mostly the same as my list of science fiction publishers, but there are some differences, and I figured it’s more convenient to have a list just for your genre.

Source: Fantasy Publishers 2016 (No Agent Required!) | Bryn Donovan

ReBlog – Resolutions for 2016 That Every Aspiring Author Should Make

Some good ideas here.

What’s YOUR goal for 2016? The New Year is a time to reassess the previous year and resolve to make the next one better yet, and this is especially important for writers. Here are some tips to get you started!

New Year’s Resolutions for Aspiring Authors

Source: Resolutions for 2016 That Every Aspiring Author Should Make | Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors


I’m reading along but I’m already off schedule.

In this post, I’m going to give you an overview of the whole year, and then tell you how to get ready before your first assignment. Every week’s assignment is on a Monday, so your first one will be Jan. 4.

Source: BLANK PAGE TO FINAL DRAFT: Overview and Getting Ready! | Bryn Donovan

Genevieve Scholl Website

Are you in the market for an Editor?

This lady is helping this new writer.  She is very affordable for the writer on a budget but you get a lot of bang for your buck and patience.  She is opening my eyes to the writing sins I make repeatedly.  If you’re in the market for an editor, cover or other book paraphernalia consider giving her a try.  Oh and did I mention she also writes!

Are you looking for a beautiful cover for your own novel? Do you need a book trailer made? Is there a certain quote from your book you would like made into an eye catching teaser?

Source: genevievescholl | SERVICES

ReBlog – Fantasy Agents 2016! Bryn Donovan

Last month, I posted a list of agents who represent science fiction, along with some of their recent comments about what they’re looking for. Honestly, it’s most of the same people here… but not all of the same people, and some of their requests here are specific to fantasy. It’s not a complete list, but it’s a long one!

Source: Fantasy Agents 2016! | Bryn Donovan