Play Nice – Poem

Just when I convince myself to conform and play nice I find a blazing sign from destiny not to.

Story Poem

Is this a poem, a story, a life journey or the inner workings of my mind?

No one cares what I think.

Muse – Poetry Story


I’m unmotivated, my muse abandoned me.

Poetry – making me a better Writer

Being a better Writer through poetry – I hope

Scrap of Success

I try,
I work against the odds.
I try for you,
I work against the unfamiliar.
I try for all of us,
I work against your passive aggressive comments.
Why do you work so hard to belittle me and my efforts when I’m doing it all for us?
Does my scrap of success scare you that bad?
I only did it to help us.

More dark poetry

Here comes more darkness from me. 🤔

Tired of falling on your grenades.

#amediting & drifting

Editing, drifting & poetry

#Amediting has been this week and every weeks theme for so long I can’t remember not editing.  I had a small three week break which was filled with a household of sickness. But on Monday I hit editing hard again.

I find that it’s getting easier.

I just hope I’m doing it right. I know I’m not alone in my fears on this.

I took me eight months to convince myself to stop editing while I write.  So I suceeded in my #NaNoWriMo goal and wrote an unedited story in a month.

I hope it doesn’t take me another eight months to gain faith in my editing.  I know I’m on a better path with that now. I got offered help and I took it. But all the advice in the world isn’t going to make me a better writer only writing and reading is.

I tried to read during the last three weeks but managed it horribly. Little ones require moms undivided attention.

That all I have to say about editing for now.  On to drifting.

I’m unsure of what to post today. I used to ReBlog one of my reviews from the website I write them for but they weren’t as popular as I thought they would be. So it was decided I should stop sharing them. This is where the drifting comes in because I don’t know what to post.

Finally we arrive at poetry.

I have started trying to write a poem a day which in reality turns into one every other day. They are on the dark side.  I’m using them as a way to keep my writing juices flowing. Maybe I’ll start posting them on Thursdays.  Now I’m back to drifting.

Scattered is the mind of a mother.  At least this one.

Six word story or poetry?

Story or poem?

I can’t be me with you.

Side note: someone really needs to send me a link to the criteria of six word stories. I might be murdering them unconsciously.

Poetry or sixish-word story?

Poem or story?

Isolation. Self-inflicted?
Loneliness. Deserved?
Despair. Hopeless?

Poetry or Song Lyrics?

An unnamed poem?

I got a poem written yesterday as well but I’m starting to see a pattern of a disturbing nature.

Here’s Saturdays poem.

I came to you
I was there
I was there

I was overwhelmed
I tried to be there
I tried to be there

I waited
I wanted you here
I wanted you here

I gave up
I knew you wouldn’t come
I knew you wouldn’t come


To post or not to post

Since I’m in full editing mode when I’m working I feel like my writing muscles may shrivel up from not being used.  I have challenge myself to try to write a daily poem.  So, far I wrote one yesterday but I am fearful of sharing it here.  I don’t mind sharing bits of my works in progress but something about sharing poetry seems more intimate.  Feel free to laugh at me.  I may come to a place where I will feel comfortable to share it, I guess we’ll see.

What do you do to keep your writing muscle flexed?