Blog Share : Planning Ahead to Make Your Book Award-Worthy

Some good points here.  I love stuff that helps new authors.

It’s a great feeling to see a book project come full circle — from the initial idea to seeing your work in print. But is there more? Is your book award-worthy?

Source: Planning Ahead to Make Your Book Award-Worthy | Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors

Blog Share : 5 Publishing Myths every new writer should know!

I have seen some of this helpful information before but it deserves to be repeated and shared repeatedly!  Again those Butterscotch Martini Girls are helping newbys out!

All of us were new at one time and had to learn the hard way what was actually the truth of things in the publishing industry. Lately I’ve heard each of these 5 Myths about the Publishing Industry and hope that this blog will save at least one new or aspiring author the pain and suffering that a lot of us went through before we learned this stuff.

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