Her Unexpected Life


Her Unexpected Life


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Valerie Cooper is set on a path she would have never dreamed she would be on.

After her husband leaves her out of the blue she’s left to try and figure out how to live. But he’s not done with her yet. She has to remain silent about their split for months and it really puts a damper on her starting a new life.

She befriends Luke, a fellow parent from soccer and he helps her keep her sanity along the way to her new life. But he may be asking for more than just friendship. Can Valerie trust again? Does she even want to try? More importantly can she survive her soon to be ex’s antics?

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Writing styles of Brickley

I’ll separate each of my titles into which style of my writing they sit the best so you know what you’re getting when you read it. At the bottom of this post you will find the classification of each style.



These are sweet stories but aren’t intended for anyone under 18+. They have a sprinkle of spice and a dash of zest.



SensualThese stories sizzle. They are full of zest and are abundant in spiciness for 18+ audiences.




These stories take sensual to the next level. They send you on a trip to the wild side and are intended for 18+.



These stories fuel the imagination. They might feature any manner of otherworldly being.

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