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Vested In Her

by Brickley Jules

I think I’m in love with the sexy Biker hunk Riker! The main character Haven (which I love the name BTW) really lucked out in landing this manly man! WOW he’s hot! What started out as an only sex, with all personal boundaries kind of fling, quickly grew into something more… Much more. Haven and Riker are pulled to one another in an intense and completely unavoidable way. Yes, their sex life is to die for. But in my opinion, their emotions really make the book that much better!

Haven is on the run, trying to escape her father’s Biker Club. More so than her father and the MC itself, Haven is forced away by her crazy heartless overbearing uncle. This guy is a real dick, and I didn’t blame Haven at all for wanting to get away from his pushy douche bag tactics. This uncle doesn’t care one bit for Haven, he has alternate selfish motives. The fact that Haven’s father allowed such non-sense is beyond me. I’m glad that daddy-o redeemed himself in the end, or I may have disliked him just as much as the uncle.

Haven travels by bus, on a spur of the moment rout, leaving no trail. When she stops to rest at a small trucker town far from the MC boundaries, she is discovered by a woman named Ruby. I love Ruby! She’s sweet, outgoing, funny, lovable, and everything Haven could have ever dreamed of for help in the journey. Ruby runs a small trucker stop and offers Haven a job and free room to stay in wile working for her. Their bond grows into something beautiful (I wont give away any details, but it’s perfect.) Ruby even helps Haven with a new look and name, as to keep hidden from the MC.

Riker, as an MC prospect, is on a mission to find Haven. Having never met her before in person, he doesn’t recognize her alias. He’s in question with her first look, but the second image that her and Ruby have concocted is able to hide her true identity from him. Needless to say, they are drawn to one another. They are comparable in EVERY way, and their bedroom shenanigans are as steamy as can be! I love what their relationship grows into, and the ending is exactly what I was hoping for.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series, you can bet I’ll be among the first to pre-order as soon as it’s available! Kudos Brickley Jules, this book is outstanding!

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Brickley Jules – Vested In Her

Release date: April 26, 2015.


Small town biker princess Haven Mercedes Johnson wants to live a normal life, but she’s relentlessly protected by her father and his crazy right-hand man who will do anything to keep her under his thumb. With the help of an ex, Haven escapes the confines of the club, and after one last wild night, she eagerly sets off to start a new life. After being on the run for days, she’s taken under the wing of a kind woman named Ruby, and with her help, Haven disappears.

Riker Davis will do anything to earn a vest and become a member in Chrome Thunder, a prestigious motorcycle club. His chances are bleak until Haven, the club leader’s daughter, runs away. As a prospect, Riker is tasked to finding her, and he agrees, determined to do anything to earn a vest, including finding a woman who doesn’t want to be brought home.

Haven thinks she’s in the clear until Riker walks into the diner where she works, and her old life boomerangs back at her. Now she must choose, go back to her old life and give Riker what he wants, a vest in her father’s club, or give him up and keep the life she’s always dreamed of.


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Riker rolled of Haven panting, “That’s three.”

She agreed through ragged breaths, “It most certainly was.” Haven rested her arms on his shoulders. “I have this naughty little voice in my head that’s telling me to say something that would be a spankable offense, but I think it’s writing checks my body can’t cash. At least not til after I sleep for a little bit.”

“I would be more than glad to spank you in the morning. Tell it to hush then.”

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VESTED IN HER is the first novel that I have read by Brickley Jules, and I loved it. This is one author I will most definitely be reading more of.

Source: Goodreads | Ria – Reading Is Our Satisfaction’s review of Vested In Her Ria – Reading Is Our Satisfaction Blog’s review of Vested In Her (Chrome Thunder Book 1)

VESTED IN HER is the first novel that I have read by Brickley Jules, and I loved it. This is one author I will most definitely be reading more of.

Goodreads | Vania Rheault’s review of Vested In Her

I read Vested in Her in just a couple days. (Real life unfortunately intruded.) I loved it! It’s about Haven Johnson, the daughter of the leader of a biker club. Her father is too hard on her and she runs away. She experiences life from under his hard rules and discovers what it’s like to be free and fall in love. I can’t say any more since I don’t want there to be spoilers in this review, but this was a wonderful book full of rich characters and an exciting plot. Not to mention the sex scenes are pretty smoking hot. It was very interesting to me too, since I had little to no knowledge about what a motorcycle club.
This is a series and I can’t wait for the next one!

Source: Goodreads | Vania Rheault (Fargo, ND)’s review of Vested In Her