Author Spotlight: Brickley Jules by Host Lexi Miles

Lexi Miles | Author Spotlight: Brickley Jules

Author Spotlight: Brickley Jules

Hey there Heart Babies!

Although I haven’t done an author spotlight in a while I am delighted to do this one because she’s one of my favorite authors.

Today I am excited to welcome romance author Brickley Jules.

Hi Brickley, let’s start with…

What genre(s) do you write? 

-Contemporary Women’s Fiction & Erotica

What is one fun fact that some people might not know about you? 

-I’m a little bit crafty and I can quilt.

Can you please share your book titles?

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ReBlog – Author Interview: Women’s Fiction author Brickley Jules

I’m excited to share this with you.

I’d like to welcome Brickley Jules to the blog today. I’ve known Brickley for years, and it’s one of those friendships where I can’t remember where we met (probably Twitter) because she’s been a friend since I started writing. She has a new release coming out that I was happy to edit for her last year. With so little time, every launch is a victory, and I’m happy to be a part of her launch and the rebranding of her series. I asked Brickley a few questions about writing and publishing around such a busy schedule. Thanks for tuning in!

You published Her Unexpected Life in 2016. How has indie publishing changed since then? Anything stand out to you as better?  Worse?

The two publishing entities [CreateSpace and KDP] I used in the past have combined meaning I only have one place to go to get my work out to the public which is easier. But I’m a creature of habit so I’m not as fond of the changes as others might be.

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ReBlog – Author Spotlight: @BrickleyJules – Jessica Collins Erotic Romance Author

Hello darlings!  Today I’m featuring the talented Brickley Jules, who has a new MC novel out, Vested In Her. Have a thing for MC books? Don’t we all. Here’s a blurb to whet your a…

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ReBlog – Meet the Author (Brickley Jules Interview) – Silver Beans Cafe



Today I have the pleasure of introducing all of you to an amazing author who is very giving with her knowledge as well as very gifted with her writing.  I happily introduce you all to Brickley Jules.  Let’s hear what she had to say:

Hi Brickley, welcome.

How about we start by GETTING TO KNOW YOU, what GENRES DO YOU WRITE? 

I write romance that ranges from chick lit to borderline erotic.  I throw a little paranormal into the mix as well…
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ReBlog – Meet the Author (Brickley Jules Interview)

I did my first Author Interview. Check it out here.

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