ReBlog – Author Spotlight: @BrickleyJules – Jessica Collins Erotic Romance Author

Hello darlings!  Today I’m featuring the talented Brickley Jules, who has a new MC novel out, Vested In Her. Have a thing for MC books? Don’t we all. Here’s a blurb to whet your a…

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ReBlog – Meet the Author (Brickley Jules Interview) – Silver Beans Cafe



Today I have the pleasure of introducing all of you to an amazing author who is very giving with her knowledge as well as very gifted with her writing.  I happily introduce you all to Brickley Jules.  Let’s hear what she had to say:

Hi Brickley, welcome.

How about we start by GETTING TO KNOW YOU, what GENRES DO YOU WRITE? 

I write romance that ranges from chick lit to borderline erotic.  I throw a little paranormal into the mix as well…
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ReBlog – Meet the Author (Brickley Jules Interview)

I did my first Author Interview. Check it out here.

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