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I was done with my work in progress Out of the Blue.  Besides typos and minor edits that is.  But I have taken the suggestion of one of my beta readers resulting in the addition of at least another chapter maybe more.  I may ultimately not add this to the book but I might.  I have been writing Out of the Blue for the last nine months, one more won’t kill.  I hope!  It may kill my husband though.

I have decided to do my own cover.  This may be like being your own counsel in court but I am going to chance it.  Feeding the family comes before $200+ covers and $400+ editors.  One day I hope to be able to afford these but currently they are unattainable.  To be honest that’s okay.

My #1linewed Time on Twitter

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My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

#1linewed Time

Blog Share : Erotic Romance vs Erotica (Oh, God, but don’t call it porn) | Cheyenne McCray

As a new writer I struggle with this on.  Am I writing just romance or is it a erotic romance?

When I first started writing erotic romance 13 years ago, this was a constant debate: are erotic romance and erotica the same thing?Not really.

Source: Erotic Romance vs Erotica (but Oh, God, don’t call it porn) | Cheyenne McCray

Blog Share : Getting ready for and conquering #NaNoWriMo | Cheyenne McCray

This sounds like a neat thing to participate in.  It sounds like it would be beneficial to help new writers get focus.

National Novel Writing Month. It’s coming around the corner, and it’s actually a thing, and they have their own website. It’s a pretty neat website and if you’re interested in writing a book in 30 days, I’d recommend checking it out and participating.

Source: Getting ready for and conquering #NaNoWriMo | Cheyenne McCray

My #1linewed Last Line on Twitter

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Last Line

My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

Ch 1
Ch 3
Ch 4
Ch 9
Ch 10

Her mother would be so disappointed if she knew the language she was picking up from the younger boys she snuck out to hang with at night.

Ch 17

“Because it may react differently with your species.”


Ch 20

Lindsay J. Pryor’s Website

I have really enjoyed reading this ladies books.  Check out her website and sign up to get the latest information about her series Blackthorn.

Lindsay J Pryor

Sign up to be the first to hear about new releases.  Thanks for reading!

Source: Lindsay J. Pryor e-mail sign up – Lindsay J. Pryor

Blog Share : Planning Ahead to Make Your Book Award-Worthy

Some good points here.  I love stuff that helps new authors.

It’s a great feeling to see a book project come full circle — from the initial idea to seeing your work in print. But is there more? Is your book award-worthy?

Source: Planning Ahead to Make Your Book Award-Worthy | Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors

My To Be Read Pile (Well really File)

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#TBR ebooks

My current list of next to be read authors in no particular order other than alphabetical.  And by no means all of them!  This is just a sampling.

Eric Ambler – The Care of Time

Avery Aster – Unscrupulous and Love, Lex

Shelly Bell – Blue Blooded

Thomas K. Carpenter – Revolutionary Magic, Sagan’s Law, The Weight of Gold, The Cageless Zoo and Fires of Alexandria

Mark E. Copper – Hard Duty, Way of the Wolf and the God Decrees

Jason P. Crawford – Chains of Prophecy

Betty Lee Crosby – A Home in Hopeful

Sicily Duval – Desired by the Alpha Bear, Drawn by the Wolf, The Werewolf Army Ranger, She Wolf Montana Bride, The Werewolf Detective, Enemy of the Alpha, Trapped Blood Mates, The Werewolf Kidnapper 2

Davika Fernando – When I see your face

Colleen Gleason – The Bleeding Dusk, Rises the Night

Patty Jansen – Innocence Lost, Fire & Ice, Watcher’s Web and The Peaceful State of War

Kevin Johns – The Green Princess

Donna Joy – The seven Steps to Closure

Jade Kerrion – Perfection Unleashed

Jeremy Laszlo – Children of the After, Here be Monsters and Left Alive #1

Taylor Lavati – The Curse of Betrayal and The Thousand Year Curse

Susan May – Back Again

Alexandra Moody – Tainted

Brenda Novak – Blood in, Blood out

Mary Phisher – It started with Love

Jack Silkstone – Primal Inception

Jessica Sorenson – Shattered Ashes

Mike Wells – Lust, Money & Murder

Joanna Stewart Wentzel – Playing Juliet

Pricilla West – Forbidden Surrender

Trisha Wolfe – The Darkest Part

Blog Share : 5 Publishing Myths every new writer should know!

I have seen some of this helpful information before but it deserves to be repeated and shared repeatedly!  Again those Butterscotch Martini Girls are helping newbys out!

All of us were new at one time and had to learn the hard way what was actually the truth of things in the publishing industry. Lately I’ve heard each of these 5 Myths about the Publishing Industry and hope that this blog will save at least one new or aspiring author the pain and suffering that a lot of us went through before we learned this stuff.

Click here to read the rest from it’s source: 5 Publishing Myths every new writer should know!

My #1linewed First Line on Twitter


First Line

I hope you enjoy my #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

This one is technically my first line it’s from the Prologue.  I’m certain it will have to be shortened for Twitter.

Callie holds tight to her husband knowing his pride has already decided the outcome of the events getting ready to unfold.

Callisto silently slips through the currents, weaving and bobbing around obstacles in her path.

Drake paces back and forth like a caged wolf; he can’t believe what has just happened with Callisto.

They lay on the couch for a bit just breathing each other in.

Dressed and fully sated both sexually and emotionally they enjoy a light snack.

Drake nervously stands on the pier above where he discovered Callisto just three weeks before. #1linewed

Blog Share : The Creative Process: getting ideas when you’re stuck

I love this from the Butterscotch Martini Girls.  So helpful!  I recommend all budding authors take a look.

Source: The Creative Process: getting ideas when you’re stuck

There are so many interesting ways for writers to brainstorm and get our motors revved if we’re stalled or just need some fresh new ideas. Not all, but most of the below I’ve done on different occasions, and have been just the right thing to do for that moment. Others I intend to try for the fun of it.

Click here to read on: The Creative Process: getting ideas when you’re stuck


Blog Share: The Iceberg Illusion: Success is an iceberg


One day I hope to reach the Illusion!Photo post by @CheyenneMcCray.

Source: The Iceberg Illusion: Success is an iceberg

My #1linewed Dialogue on Twitter



My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.  So far the feedback has been good.

So again I ask you to help me with the jets or better still join me… No Callisto, I will not join you!

“Do men like these?” “Most certainly, men love thongs.”

“We used spears.” “Really?” “Oh, yea!”

“That was some shower, my pearl!” Breathless she says, “Yes it was!”


Blog Share : A checklist for aspiring erotic romance writers: | Butterscotch Martini Girls

This is very interesting.  Worth checking out.

Source: A checklist for aspiring erotic romance writers: | Butterscotch Martini Girls


#1line wed Contact Known Outlining Brickley Jules


Let me start by posing the questioned, Do you outline before you write?  I don’t well at least not in the conventional sense.  I do the digital equivalent of notes written on bar napkins.  I have tidbits in the notes on my cell and laptop.  A heavily disorganized excel sheet that takes me an hour to decipher and whatever notions are bouncing around in my head as I type.  And yes I type, I do not write.

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