Jamie Farrell – Moonshine & Magnolias

Moonshine & MagnoliasMoonshine & Magnolias is the second book in the Officers’ Ex-Wives Club Series.

It was much anticipated by this reviewer and it did not disappoint. Jamie Farrell is to modern day books what Candace Camp is to historical’s in my opinion. (I love Candace Camp books!) Like the first book in the series there is comedy thrown in, making the book light-hearted. It provided me a nice break after having read several dark and serious romances.

Shelby was a spitfire ex-wife of one of Uncle Sam’s boys and Zack is one of Uncle Sam’s boys just waiting on his traveling papers. Their romance only happens after an unforeseeable event take’s place. And Shelby is not happy about it happening at all.

My favorite character is Shelby’s dog, Penelope, the hunky Zack follows in at a very close second. It’s a great read that I would recommend to anyone asking for a fun romance with a happy ending.

Jamie Farrell – Southern Fried Blues

Southern Fried Blues

This is book one in The Officer’s Ex-Wives Club series.

Southern Fried BluesI like this book and can’t wait till the next in The Officer’s Ex-Wives Club book comes out. As a nonmilitary gal I was a little lost at some of the abbreviations that were thrown about in Southern Fried Blues but that didn’t really deter from the overall goodness of the book. I appreciate the strength of the main character Anna (Grace) Martin but I love the chivalry of Jackson Davis. He is a good ole’ boy with a gun, dog and a truck. The stuff of dreams!

Anna is sideswiped with a decree of DIVORCE from Neil her husband and left to restart her whole life hundreds of miles from her family. She refuses to give up and sets her sights on surviving. Her goal of surviving are interrupted by Jackson as he keeps popping up in her life, asking for pie when everyone’s trying to give him biscuits. Anna has a bit of OCD and her ex used it as fuel against her but Jackson finds it cute in his Anna Grace. Anna declares that she will NEVER marry again especially not military. Jackson declares to never marry. Do their hearts have other intentions or can they have a relationship with expiration and escape the L-word?

Jamie Farrell – Blissed

Blissed is Book One in the Misfit Brides Series.

I was already a big fan of Jamie Farrell and Blissed just secured her spot as one of my all time favorite authors. I fell in love with her Officers’ Ex-Wives Club and had high hopes for the Misfit Brides. Jamie Farrell didn’t disappoint. I loved Blissed so much I already own the second book, Matched. Now, if only school was back in session and I had some mommy time to read it.


Natalie grew up in the lovely town of Bliss and her life was scripted out much like every other child of Bliss. Her future involved following in her mother’s footsteps and seeing that the biggest festival of the year went off without a hitch. She just had one problem and that was that her nemesis CJ was the only way to make that happen. But she has to suck up her pride and get him to work with her to make the festival happen. CJ and Natalie have both loved and lost, locking up their hearts when they did. What does Jamie hold in store for their future’s? Pick up Bliss and see. (It was free on Amazon when I bought mine. But always check prices before you hit that one-click button.)

This was a well written book. I have since listened to the audiobook of this and it flowed so nice. The story sucked me right in from the very beginning. The characters could be people I knew they were so well written. They had flaws and imperfections mixed in with their lovable personalities.

I always have trouble deciding my favorite character. I liked Natalie, she reminds me of me a bit. But she’s a bit narrow sighted. That’s great because it makes her all the more believable but I think I liked CJ’s family as a whole the best. They are such a wide variety of fun personalities. They always made me smile.

And I usually can’t tell my favorite part without giving away the plot… But I can tell you my least favorite part was when the evil video running the town did everything in her power to ruin business for Natalie at her family’s shop. The scenes were always well written I just didn’t care for the protagonist but that’s nothing new for me.

So if you like to laugh and maybe cry a bit while reading a lit fun romance I suggest you look into picking this book up. It would be a great addition to your summer reading list.

Jamie Farrell – Merried Cover Reveal

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Jaycee at Sweet N Spicy Designs
 Release Date: October 4, 2016
He’s the Spare Heir of Bliss’s most famous jewelry shop
Max Gregory’s family is best known for creating and displaying the infamous
Mrs. Claus diamond ring, but here in the bridal capital of the world, Max is best known for having a cursed love life. Not that he believes in curses. Or he didn’t, until he met her. 
She’s the daughter of a notorious jewel thief

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2015 Year of Books

Brickley Jules

This is a pictorial list of the books I read in 2015.  Reviews for most of them can be found under the My Reviews section. I have 61 on here not to bad, I have a few I started but haven’t finished they will get counted when completed.

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