Jamie Farrell – Southern Fried Blues

This is book one in The Officer’s Ex-Wives Club series.

Southern Fried BluesI like this book and can’t wait till the next in The Officer’s Ex-Wives Club book comes out. As a nonmilitary gal I was a little lost at some of the abbreviations that were thrown about in Southern Fried Blues but that didn’t really deter from the overall goodness of the book. I appreciate the strength of the main character Anna (Grace) Martin but I love the chivalry of Jackson Davis. He is a good ole’ boy with a gun, dog and a truck. The stuff of dreams!

Anna is sideswiped with a decree of DIVORCE from Neil her husband and left to restart her whole life hundreds of miles from her family. She refuses to give up and sets her sights on surviving. Her goal of surviving are interrupted by Jackson as he keeps popping up in her life, asking for pie when everyone’s trying to give him biscuits. Anna has a bit of OCD and her ex used it as fuel against her but Jackson finds it cute in his Anna Grace. Anna declares that she will NEVER marry again especially not military. Jackson declares to never marry. Do their hearts have other intentions or can they have a relationship with expiration and escape the L-word?

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