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I don’t like change but I understand the world doesn’t revolve around me and most people like things to be at their easiest form.

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Many rant over.

ReBlog – Buster Keaton and The Art of Showing (Not Telling)

I think I’m learning ways for me to accomplish this. I hope.

Every aspiring creative writer hears it at some point:. It’s one of those great phrases that sound cryptic and meaningful and take a while to puzzle out.

Yes, yes, young grasshopper, I see you’ve written some words on the page here, and I see you’re trying to do something like write fiction, a craft I myself have mastered over many difficult years. Ah, well, you are cute, young grasshopper, I admire your young and precious energy, but you have so much to learn. So let me speak in my greatest guru voice and give you a secret that may take you years to unpack, you who thought you knew so much just from reading fiction. And here’s the advice, young grasshopper. “Show, don’t tell.”

Or as it’s usually phrased, in creative writing guidebooks:


Source: Buster Keaton and The Art of Showing (Not Telling) | The Jackie Wilson Blog

Daphne by Chloe Quinn


Daphne Gate just found out the company she works for is moving their offices to Canada and she’s not invited to come with them. Now she has to return home to the small town of Donna’s Gate jobless. To ashamed to face her family especially since she has let them down before, Daphne rents a house on the outskirts of town where she meets her sexy next door neighbor Brayden Carpenter. But what will Daphne do when she has to explain all of the changes in her life to her family. Will they accept her? Or will her worst nightmare come true? Will she have to face her family’s disapproval again?



Author Spotlight: Chloe Quinn

Chloe Quinn was born in Northern California right in the heart of what is known as the Silicon Valley. There she grew up with her younger sister Alex. Though she was raised in California, Chloe spent most of her summers either in Hawaii, New York, Texas, or Nevada. She still currently lives in California a few miles away from the beautifully eclectic city of San Francisco.May be a closeup of 1 person and hair

Chloe graduated from a high school located in the south part of San Jose. Chloe graduated from a high school located in the south part of San Jose. After high school, Chloe decided to attend a junior college where she graduated with her AA in Humanities. She then went on to attend UC Riverside where she majored in Communication and Behavioral Studies.

One thing Chloe enjoyed while growing up was volunteering at her local hospital. During her life she continued to be in service to others. She went on several missions over the years. On these trips she found herself, along with the group she went with, building structures for children in less fortune countries in order for them to be able to receive an education, get medical attention, and attend a house of worship, among other things.

Chloe loves to write. This love was sparked for her during her tender years as a child from hearing bedtime stories at night. She loved how someone took the time to sit down to write the dramatic tales filled with brave heroes and strong heroines. She is thrilled she is able to have the privilege of writing stories that she hopes people will enjoy and ignite their love for reading like the stories Chloe heard when she was a child did for her. 

*Also look for Titles (Lost.. Found & Exposed Practices) by Chloe Quinn under the old pen name Arneda Everett.

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Check out her stories.

Source: ChloeQuinnAuthor.com