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Monday#MondayBlogs Founded by author Rachel Thompson ( @RachelintheOC ) Link your Monday blog post, use the hashtag, read and share the posts of others (from their blog if possible). See What is Monday Blog Posts and Why You Should Be Participating

#Meta4Mon Founded by Cori Lynn Arnold (@corilynarnold) – From first tweet: “Time to start #Meta4Mon. That’s right, every Monday we can tweet our most creative, profound, weird, whatever, metaphors and similies!”

#LitChat Founded by Carolyn Burns Bass (@CarolyBurnsBass ) Talk about reading, writing and publishing on Twitter, Monday 4-5 p.m. E.T. See LitChat

#MedievalMonday Started September 2014, I think by East Kingdom Gazette to share medieval photos, articles and posts with others interested in this era. Writers of this period take advantage of this interest.

#MustReadMonday Like #MustRead the #MustReadMonday hashtag is used to share great books and literature with other readers

Monday #MiniStory [NEW] Tweet mini stories in 5 tweets or less using a prompt by Elise Edmonds (@WriterEdmonds) Started December 2015. See Magic Writer.

Tuesday#2BitTues Snippets from your WIP (completely optional theme posted by Angela D’Onofrio (@AngDonofrio) on Monday. No promo-links. See the bit on ‘Tuesday’ on her blog Between the Lines

#TeaserTues A great time to post teasers/excerpts from your latest novel, or discover new authors from their snippets

#IndieChat Chat about everything to do with Indie writers, writing and publishing industry

#KidLitChat (every Tuesday at 9PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific) Moderated by @KidLitChat – For anyone interested in Childrens’ literature See KidLitChat

#TLTues Twitter Literature Tuesday founded by Chad Hofmann (@chadh1234) – can be any kind of literature you want. 1 line, short story, haiku, poetry, any creative literature inc. your own published book. See founder, Chad Hofmann’s web page

#PoetTues Robert Lee Brewer (@robertleebrewer), Senior Content Editor of  Writer’s Digest, has his own slot called Poetic Asides and has run this chat about poetry since 2010

#TuesdaySerial Writing a serial? Let others know what you’re writing: publicize your latest installment and include your name with the #webserial title, and the genre if you have room. Run by PJ, Tony and Larry (@TuesdaySerial) For full information see Tuesday Serial

#Quill + #(other hashtag chosen each week) Started as #TwitterTuesday, August 2015, Games and chats run by Quill (@QuillWriters) starting 3pm GMT on Tuesdays. This is actually a double-hashtag eg pinned instructions for Feb 16th 2016: “It’s game time! Last week we discussed love, today we’re all about humour. Share what books, characters & lines amuse you –> #laughsinlit”  In this case, you would use both the #Quill and the #laughsinlit hashtags in one tweet.

Find the rest of the weeks hashtags at the source: Script Alchemy: A Writer’s Week on Twitter

ReBlog – Script Alchemy: Spotlights on The Popish Midwife HFVBT Book Tour and new addition


Source: Script Alchemy: Spotlights on The Popish Midwife HFVBT Book Tour and new addition

ReBlog – Script Alchemy: The Popish Midwife Book Tour

ReBlog – Looking for a more historic read? Check this one out.

One of the best things about having written a book? People reading it. And enjoying it!One of the worst things about having written a book? Finding those people who’re going to love it!So, this is where a book tour comes in…

Source: Script Alchemy: The Popish Midwife Book Tour

ReBlog – Script Alchemy: Interview: Lexi Miles (author)

ReBlog – Check out this great interview of the ever giggling Lexi Miles.

Interview: Lexi Miles (author)

Folk on Twitter know Lexi Miles for her cheeky *giggles*, good humour and positive vibes.  She’s always there with upbeat comments and a smile. She is one of those adorable people who you just wanna hug. She’s also an author so crazily in love, she spent her life pursuing her passion – writing.I discovered, she’s also got a lot to say on this… 🙂

Source: Script Alchemy: Interview: Lexi Miles (author)

ReBlog – Script Alchemy

If you’re like me you have been looking for a hashtag list specifically for writers like this one.

When I went to put together my ‘Hashtag Writer Week‘ T-shirts on Redbubble, I started researching which hashtags were most used and enjoyed by writers each day of the week. I couldn’t find a comprehensive list, anywhere, that had all the different games and distractions that even I knew of, let alone ones I don’t regularly play.

Source: Script Alchemy