Bella Love-Wins Cabin Bear Heat #Review


I really feel this is some of Bella Love-Wins best work.

Cabin Bear Heat maybe Bella Love-Wins first venture into the shifter world but it doesn’t read like it.

It is an adaptation of a previous released work of hers; Cabin Heat which is book one in her Billionaire Romance Redemption series. She has carefully thought out her shifter rules and how that interacts with their world.  She expertly weaves technology into the story to tie the ancient to the modern.

Cabin Bear Heat

Our story begins with a group a college students heading back to school after a break.  A bad decision leaves them at the mercy of a kind stranger named Andrew. He is a wealthy recluse wrought with tragedy. Abby one of the students and Andrew has an instant connection he is certain he knows her.  Abby feels the heat between them as well.

The group of friends is in the hands of Andrew until things settle down. Their stay will him ends up being filled with danger. One of the group gets seriously injured and has to be med-flighted away.

Andrew is my favorite out of this large cast of people. His tortured charm and selfless caring of strangers is almost a requirement of every great hero. Barb is my least favorite character. She is as close to a villain as we get in this book. The misfortune of the group is really my least favorite but without its well-written nature, the story would be lacking.

Bella Love-Wins – HERO for me

Hero for meHero for me is part two of The Billionaire Salvation Series and begins us right were we left off with our heroine being broken-hearted and storming away from her self-proclaimed hero.

She has just witnessed a sight she was all too familiar with and not wanted to repeat the sins of her past she decides that avoidance is the best route. Unfortunately for Kate Samuel aka Kate Rock her hero will not be so easily deterred. He pursues her and begs her to hear him out; he injects himself into her life in every way available to him. Finally she decides to hear him out, only to come face to face with an unmovable obstacle that has her begging for her self-proclaimed hero, Matt Lewis, to return.

When Bella wrote these two characters she filled them with intense primal passion for each other that is hard for them to deny as the couple start on their journey of exploring each other.

But she again leaves me hanging with an all too sobering cliffhanger; not just in regards to my wariness of them but also in the magnitude of it. Would I do it all over again and start this series anyway, cliffhangers and all? Yes I certainly would! I enjoyed every second!



Bella Love-Wins – Hero


Steaminess built in!

Bella Love-Wins, Hero is the first book in a series of cliffhangers.

HeroI enjoyed reading it right up till the point I realized it was a cliffhanger and I would have to read a series of books to get closure. I still like the book but am personally getting burnt out on cliffhangers.

Kate Samuel aka Kate Rock is a DJ in New York, her life is pretty normal aside from being estranged from her parents: go to work, go home and pay the bills. But Kate’s life is about to take an unexpected turn; with one giant act of kindness she is thrust into the spot light.

In the spot light she finds, Matt Lewis, who seems to be her own personal hunky hero by his own choice. Her fantasy have never been better. But her life has.

What will happen when an unexpected rival appears? Is there really any rivalry or was it all just to good to be true?

I enjoyed Kate’s character. I hope I have the kind of courage she does in a similar situation. I find I can’t tell my least favorite part or I’ll give to much away. It’s worth reading even knowing it’s a cliffhanger.

Bella Love-Wins – Cabin Heat

Cabin Heat
In my opinion Cabin Heat gave Bella a great foundation to start with for the series and the spin-offs.

Cabin Heat is Book One in The Billionaire Romance Redemption Series.

I actually read Cabin Heat after I read Cabin Bear Heat. Bella reworked Cabin Heat into a shifter series and it is some of her best work, leading to many other spin-off books.

Our story begins with a winter storm rolling in and a group of college students thinking attempting to make it across the mountains. They don’t make it and end up in the hunky ex-doctor Andrews care. Andrew instantly feels a connection with Abby one of the students who injured her foot. Abby feels the same attraction to Andrew and it isn’t long before they are tangled into a steamy romance that even a blizzard can’t cool.

Cabin HeatAndrew still has my heart and his story is heart wrenching. I would have to say my least favorite character is Barb, who has a nasty demeanor, her unfriendly self-involved attitude is very off-putting. It really gives her character a realness.

What will happen when the roads are cleared and everyone goes back to real life? Will Andrew continue his relationship with Abby or was she just a convenient distraction?

Bella Love-Wins – Bad Boy Fire Bear

Bad Boy Fire Bear
My new favorite shifter book! In my opinion, Bad Boy Fire Bear is Bella’s best book to date!

Bad Boy Fire Bear is Book One in the Marked Bear Shifter Romance.

My new favorite shifter book! In my opinion, Bad Boy Fire Bear is Bella’s best book to date! I enjoyed her other shifter series Cabin Bear which was a rework of her Cabin, Billionaire Redemption Series but the stand alone Bad Boy Fire Bear won my heart. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you know my favorite type of books are stand alone happy ever afters. They melt my heart and make me smile.

Jax is the sexy firefighter some might say he’s a womanizer. He likes women but Bad Boy Fire Bearonly for a few nights then he moves on to the next. He is a special man with another side to him, he’s a bear shifter. The new waitress at his local water hole isn’t like the other girls. She is indifferent towards him and it drives him wild but her scent has his bear on edge. Has he found his mate?

Joleen is the new waitress who is sending Jax’s bear into a frenzy. She is just at the bar to raise some money to escape her current situation. She is not looking for another romantic entanglement. She can’t get away from the one she’s in. Jax keeps interjecting himself into her life and even though she finds herself thinking of him she can’t afford to be caught with another man.

I love the character Jax and at great risk to himself and his other firefighter buddies he helps Joleen every chance he gets. His bear won’t let him abandon her even if he mind tells him it will be easier. I find Joleen’s character to be very believable but I do wonder if a real woman in her situation would act the way she does sometimes. Maybe she almost doesn’t take her situation serious enough some times.

I found one part of the story distracting, the tire changing scene. It read inaccurate to me. I had a very old school grandfather who made sure I knew how to change a tire not that I could get impacted lug nuts loose. But I know you have to loosen them before you jack up the car or the tire will just spin and spin. I hope I just misread it because other than that I love this story.

Bella has found another genre she excels at. She grows more as a writer with every one of her stories I read.

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