Bella Love-Wins – Cabin Heat

In my opinion Cabin Heat gave Bella a great foundation to start with for the series and the spin-offs.

Cabin Heat is Book One in The Billionaire Romance Redemption Series.

I actually read Cabin Heat after I read Cabin Bear Heat. Bella reworked Cabin Heat into a shifter series and it is some of her best work, leading to many other spin-off books.

Our story begins with a winter storm rolling in and a group of college students thinking attempting to make it across the mountains. They don’t make it and end up in the hunky ex-doctor Andrews care. Andrew instantly feels a connection with Abby one of the students who injured her foot. Abby feels the same attraction to Andrew and it isn’t long before they are tangled into a steamy romance that even a blizzard can’t cool.

Cabin HeatAndrew still has my heart and his story is heart wrenching. I would have to say my least favorite character is Barb, who has a nasty demeanor, her unfriendly self-involved attitude is very off-putting. It really gives her character a realness.

What will happen when the roads are cleared and everyone goes back to real life? Will Andrew continue his relationship with Abby or was she just a convenient distraction?

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