Lindsay J Pryor – Blood Torn

Lindsay J Pryor – Blood Torn is book three in the Blackthorn series.

Blood TornLindsay does it again!  Blood Torn is another great suspense filled paranormal romance.  She had me contemplating at the very beginning who the romantic entanglement was going to be between.  After that was sorted the dark tawdry fun begins!

Sophia or Sophie as her sisters call her has followed in the family tradition of getting herself captured.  She has a self destructive attitude that may not be curable by anyone.  Even if she escapes her captors she will always be a prisoner to her own guilt.

Jask the lycan leader has the same affliction.  But he is on the road to recovery.  His pack is in peril but he knows the key to their salvation.  He has to convince his captive to save his pack.

Of the two I had no favorite at the beginning, favoring Corbin, Jask’s second in command instead. By the end I couldn’t decide who I liked more between Sophia and Jask.  Sophia having grown wise while accepting her fate and Jask allowing himself to feel again.  Both have more in common then they first realize.

By the end of the story I was left in disbelief.  I got my happy ending only to have it tainted with the blood of the innocent.  Major players are revealed and motives discovered.  A horrible act is committed that I hope is rectified without further innocent blood being shed.

2015 Year of Books

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This is a pictorial list of the books I read in 2015.  Reviews for most of them can be found under the My Reviews section. I have 61 on here not to bad, I have a few I started but haven’t finished they will get counted when completed.

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ReBlog – Blackthorn Featured on Female First – Lindsay J. Pryor

One of my favorite authors was a Featured Celebrity.  Check it out.

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Lindsay J Pryor

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