July Camp Nano Update 3

Still ahead of schedule

I’m super proud of myself. I’m staying ahead and should have this first draft finished before the end of the month. That works out well because I’m having family come in and I probably should clean house before they get here.

I got to write a bit over the weekend but that means that my hubby had to work the weekend. He ended up not having to go in at midnight like we thought but we didn’t do anything because of it.

Camp Nano Progress

I’ve included a run down of my progress below. The story is taking on a mind of it’s own. I had some basic thoughts of what was going to happen but unexpected events are popping up. I sit down with where I’m taking the characters next and they straight up let me know that’s not where their going. I cave and follow orders, typing what then tell me to.

My main characters are Haven and Riker and I shared a bit of their first chapter before. Riker wasn’t on the scene yet but he’s hot, of course.

How is Camp going for you?

Are your characters shoving you out of the drivers seat, too?

My daily achievements.

Day 11 – 18, 621 recorded 18,467

Day 12 – 21,046 recorded 20,000

Day 13 – 22,097 recorded 22,000

Day 14 – 23, 069

Day 15 – 24,103

Day 16 – 26,252

Day 17 – 27,915

July Camp Nano Update 2

Ahead of schedule

I’m ahead of schedule. I find it funny that when I do Camp Nano I get ahead but when I set the same goal for myself in the off months I get behind. Baffling.

Camp Nano Progress

Below is a run down of my progress. The first number is my actual words written. The second is the number I recorded on the Camp Nano website. Sometimes I only get on there once a day.

How’s writing going for you?

My daily achievements.

Day 3 – 9334 recorded 7,000

Day 4 – 10,014 recorded 10,000

Day 5 – 11,035 recorded 11,000

Day 6 – 12,124 recorded 12,000

Day 7 – 13,749 recorded 13,000

Day 8 – 16,364 recorded 16,000

Day 9 – 17, 491 recorded 17,491

Day 10 – 0 recorded 17,491

July Camp NANO

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress so far with Camp NANO.

On July first I finished the day with 3,070. I didn’t bother to refresh my camp total on the site though so it set at 2,000 for the day.

July 2nd I got up to 6,839 words. I may have updated around 5,000 and just left it like that on the site.

I’ll start today’s typing session off here in a minute when I finish this post.

Are any of you doing Camp?

I’m really enjoying writing a new story and seeing how the characters unfold as I go. People and situations are already popping up that I hadn’t thought of including. I have a working title but I’m not sure I’m going to stick with it. It’s Vested in Her.

What does that title tell you about my story?

Camp Nano Closes Soon

The end is in site

How did you do? Any words gained is a triumph. Be proud!

I’m sharing some of your Camp Nano posts the next few days. I hope to work on my edits  today. Wish me luck.

Are you going to do it again in the summer?

#CampNaNo Day Twelve

Well I changed my goal.

I changed it to 74,000.  I made it to 74,479 which is 99% of my original 75,000 goal.  I got 359 words today.  I was 522 words shy but couldn’t find a place I want to add those words.  There’s one potential but I may remove that part.  It’s currently just three sentences and could be a lot more.  But I may remove it completely.

I’m 100% done with my editing goal so I’m done with this project. I won’t touch it for a month now so I can look at it with fresh eyes.


#CampNaNo Day Eleven

Great day … so far.

My husband got off work early so he is picking the kids up, giving me more time to work on my project.  I would normally have already rushed out the door.  So, I’m going to do my update now and then find some appetizing morsel to munch on while listening to an audiobook.  If I have more time after my snack before I head to work that will be added to tomorrows tally.

Here it is:  341 words have been added bring my total to 74,119, 98% complete with word count.  Leaving 881 words to write in 19 days.

I’m 76% done with edits, 57,748 words edited is where that number sits.  I have one-quarter left and then I’m done.  Then I’m taking a break.

How are you going to celebrate your Camp Nano win?

#CampNaNo Day Ten

I have nothing to report.

I didn’t get to work on my project at all yesterday.  We got up and immediately got ready to leave and didn’t return home until past time to bathe the kids and get them in bed.

Today I only have a few hours to work so making up the difference probably won’t happen.

#CampNaNo Day Nine

I inch along.

574 is my word count for the day.  I’m at 98% of my word goal.  I’m amazed I make any progress.  I feel like I delete as many words as I add.

I caved on my decision to not type up the scene for the idea that keeps swimming around in my head.  I typed it up last night.  I have more to write on it but it’ll have to wait for now.

I’m up to 65% done in my total edit count.  It makes me feel ahead of schedule.  That’s good with kids, the unexpected happens often.

#CampNaNo Day Eight

 I’m getting there.

My count today is 461 words. Go me, go me!  I don’t toot my own horn often.  But I’m excited about my progress.

I have over 50% of it edited which is my real goal, the word count is a bonus.  The cherry on top.

How’s Camp NaNo going for you?

#CampNaNo Day Seven

 I have all day to work.

I got 538 words added today!  I finished editing Part One.  That’s 37578 words edited!  Tomorrow I get to start on Part Two.

I would have got more but off to work I have to go.


#CampNaNo Day Six

I’m treading water. I hope.

I only got 285 words added.  So not really chipping much off that editing tally.  36,000 is where I now sit.  I had to go to the dentist while my littlest was at school.  I hate going to the dentist.  It through my whole day off.

How is Camp Nano going for you?  Did you start a new story?

I know some of you are doing the A to Z challenge, how is that going?  Did you spend last month preparing for it or re you winging it?

#CampNaNo Day Five

I’m reaching my goal but…

I realized I need a different goal.  I need one that reflects how much I’m editing not adding.

I  got 1030 words added while editing.  But I have another 37,000 words to edit.  That’s a 1500 word count daily, words I need to be reading and changing.  The additional words are … icing on the cake.

#CampNaNo Day Four

Super happy about the progress I’ve made today.

My word count for the day is 1524!  I’ve made it up to chapter eleven as well. Happy dance time!

How are you doing at Camp NaNo?

#CampNaNo Day Three

My Internet has been sketchy.

I’ll update as I can. This post is for Day Three of Camp Nano. I’m using Word Count Dashboard to track my progress off-line so I’ll be able to keep you updated.

This post will be short and sweet. My finally total for Saturday was 156 and Sundays total was 246.  So far today has been an awesome day and I can’t wait to find time to share my total with you.  Have to go pick up my baby and then off to pick up my other baby.

#CampNaNo Day Two

I thought I posted this… Oops!

Breathing life into it – I hope

Well I’m 150 words into my goal for today of 208 words. Edited up to chapter seven, chapter eight has bit the dust and has been pulled apart and divided into pieces which now reside in chapter seven and nine.

I will keep at it as time allows today.  Slowly inching toward my goal. Wishing now I hadn’t already set up the  table of contents.