Susan May – Deadly Messengers

Deadly MessengersDeadly Messengers was full of suspense right from the first chapter.

Throughout the book the reader follows various mass murders around on their killing sprees. The detectives are left with multiple seemingly unrelated killings that have to be related or everyone’s just went crazy.

Kendall Jennings is a reporter desperately trying to pay her bills. Her fluff work is in small demand. Then after the first mass murders she lucks into an interview with a key witness propelling her and her career forward. Whether she liked it or not.

She finds herself physically attracted to one of the detectives. She even dreams of him being her savior. He has demons of his own and he lumps Kendall right into that category. He doesn’t give her a chance. Guilty by association except she was turning into one of his demons. Her girls gotta eat mentality leading her down that path.

I often find it difficult to relate to naive characters. Evil is everywhere in every form but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to follow them on their journey into learning that lesson. Lance O’Grady is that street tough hard ass we all love to hate but secretly love. He would have to be my favorite. I wish the understanding side of him had been explored more at the end. He has a unique perception of what Kendall was forced to live with. But alas I am a romantic at heart so I’m always looking for a love story.

Susan did a great job of writing this. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep those three weeks she worked diligently. Thanks to her and her son for providing us an awesome cop thriller.

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