Karen Marie Moning -Faefever

Faefever is book three in the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning.

FaefeverKaren starts Faefever with a small prologue recapping what has happen so far and then Mac, MacKayla Lane is dumped right back into the place she was when the last book ended. As always there is several life changing events for Mac. Life changing revelations about other characters and some revelations she wished she would learn, just like in the last book Bloodfever and in Darkfever before that. Mac wants to know all the things about people that you and I don’t want to.  Mac’s relationships with her own kind are focused on in Faefever. Unlike Mac, I don’t trust any new characters that come along in these books but she decides to give it a shot and trust a stranger or two. Everyone she has met so far has kept secrets from her but she desperately needs a friend and misses her sister severely.

She is still residing at the bookstore and is working the cash register for a while but with all that is going on in her world it seems useless to try to maintain normal. She discovers some of her enemies are now working together but she makes an Allie out of another. Jericho Barrons, her employer, is still helping her to survive but that’s it. She is useful to him and he wants her alive. Mac has the same deal going on with V’lane a prince but she doesn’t really trust either one. Even though her lust for Barrons continues to grow she makes no attempt to act on it for fear of whom he really is. At least V’lane is honest about being a devil, he causes her lust too but not in quite the same way.

Faefever sticks to the genres of Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy. I think a person could start this series with this novel and still be able to understand what is going on. Again I realize that two books full of character interactions and adventures would be missed but the major ones are all alluded to in this book.

I enjoyed the part of the book where Mac went out with the young girl Dani, to cleanup the streets. She is finally putting on her big girl pants and doing something to make her life better. Instead of dressing like a walking rainbow and trying to pretend everything can be normal again. For God’s Sake, her boss is some kind of monster that keeps all the dark things at bay, nothing will be normal again.

I didn’t like the way this book ended. Poor Mac has finally started to fight hard and not be so immature to only have such a despicable thing happen to her. Circumstantially finding herself alone in her world, left with the wolves, to fend for herself. It just isn’t fair but whenever is life fair. Mac has about the worse luck I could imagine a person having.


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