Faleena Hopkins – Owned by the Alphas Part Four

Owned by the Alphas 4Faleena begins Owned by the Alphas Part Four right after the main event from Owned by the Alphas: Part Three.

Ali is completely spent after her steamy test between Red and Calt, leaving Calt, the winner, feeling unwanted. He thinks she should be more visibly happy, but shouldn’t he be too?

A few minor altercations lead to a much bigger event, catching Calt completely off guard but he is the only one. Maybe it’s time for some more changes in his pack. The tragedy of it all continues to spread through all the werewolves, as the situation gets direr. Ali is caught between the past and the present again, her few months of her new life put into jeopardy by one simple action that takes on a life of it’s own, flooding her with doubt.

I hope Faleena settles the past versus present debate soon because I don’t know how many more cliffhangers I can handle. This Part wasn’t as intensely steamy as the previous Part but it gave more insight into the characters and how they were evolving. I definitely would recommend this Part and the three before; it’s a good paranormal erotic romance. I really enjoy that Ali is finally beginning to try to hold her own and is embracing her pack. Some may deem the last few chapters as a betrayal but I think everything is finally working out like it should. We must adapt or die, embrace change to move forward or become stagnant in the memory of what was.

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