We wrapped some Christmas presents yesterday so today I took pictures of the kiddos in front of the tree.

I am editing Out of the Blue this evening while watching Christmas movies.  My husband looks at me like I’m crazy and goes into the other room to watch football. I love Christmas movies. So I’m getting more watching then efiting done but it’s suppose to be Thanksgiving Holiday Break.

Hope your NaNoWriMo is going well. I may have actually finished my NaNo entry. I got my 50,000 words on Thanksgiving but continued on a bit more. I can’t decide I need some tome away from it.

nanowrimo nano

2 thoughts on “#AmEditing

  1. There’s nothing crazy about it! My family and I always start watching Christmas movies early because there are so many to get through. We’re a little late getting started this year; normally we start within the first two weeks of Christmas 🙂
    Good luck with edits! Time away always helps after working so hard on a project. Fresh eyes are better suited to discovering new possibilities!


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