I still #amediting

  • This may take awhile

Over the last two days I have edited the same Prologue and beginning two chapters three times.  Time to move on to two other chapters.

I want to make a Scene/Story board but wonder if it would even be useful this close to finishing.  I have an outline by chapter and by book day but I am a visual person.  I would love to make a board of scene by scene action to gaze upon fondly but wonder if it would even be of any creative use.

I also did some more Christmas movie watching today even caught Ghostbusters 1 & 2.  The kiddos thought some parts were a bit scary so I ended up watching alone while they built castles in the kitchen.

Back to normal life for the next few weeks and then Christmas break will be here.  Have you gpt your Christmas shopping done?  I have a few left to get things for the toughies: a 16 year old and my gran who has probably gotten every present ever thought of twice.

I am excited to start my ‘what’s now’ #NaNoWriMo but first I need to decide if I’m happy with Her Unexpected Life’s ending.  Did you meet you MaNo goals?

(Sorry for the crazy hodge podge of thoughts tonight.  I need sleep.)


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