Pre-Order Vested In Her by Brickley Jules (Me)

Vested In HerVested In HerPre-Order Vested In Her

I’m so excited to announce that my second book is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available on Smashwords on April 26, 2017.

I’m currently working on formatting it for paperback release as well and hope to have that live April 26 as well.

I’m a bit stuck on if I should use a Acknowledgments Page or a Dedication Page. In Her Unexpected Life I just used a dedication page because it would have added a chapter just thinking all of you great folks out there who helped me out. If I ever get Out of the Blue published the Acknowledgment would have to be a novelette prequel. A lot of great people have tried to help me with that one. (If you’re new to my blog; it’s the first book I attempted to write.)

Do you use Dedication Pages, Acknowledgment Pages, both, or neither?

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