#CampNaNo Day Six

I’m treading water. I hope.

I only got 285 words added.  So not really chipping much off that editing tally.  36,000 is where I now sit.  I had to go to the dentist while my littlest was at school.  I hate going to the dentist.  It through my whole day off.

How is Camp Nano going for you?  Did you start a new story?

I know some of you are doing the A to Z challenge, how is that going?  Did you spend last month preparing for it or re you winging it?

#CampNaNo Day Five

I’m reaching my goal but…

I realized I need a different goal.  I need one that reflects how much I’m editing not adding.

I  got 1030 words added while editing.  But I have another 37,000 words to edit.  That’s a 1500 word count daily, words I need to be reading and changing.  The additional words are … icing on the cake.

#CampNaNo Day Four

Super happy about the progress I’ve made today.

My word count for the day is 1524!  I’ve made it up to chapter eleven as well. Happy dance time!

How are you doing at Camp NaNo?

#CampNaNo Day Three

My Internet has been sketchy.

I’ll update as I can. This post is for Day Three of Camp Nano. I’m using Word Count Dashboard to track my progress off-line so I’ll be able to keep you updated.

This post will be short and sweet. My finally total for Saturday was 156 and Sundays total was 246.  So far today has been an awesome day and I can’t wait to find time to share my total with you.  Have to go pick up my baby and then off to pick up my other baby.

#CampNaNo Day Two

I thought I posted this… Oops!

Breathing life into it – I hope

Well I’m 150 words into my goal for today of 208 words. Edited up to chapter seven, chapter eight has bit the dust and has been pulled apart and divided into pieces which now reside in chapter seven and nine.

I will keep at it as time allows today.  Slowly inching toward my goal. Wishing now I hadn’t already set up the  table of contents.

#CampNaNo Day One

The Beginning?

Well lack of Internet may keep my progress from begin reported daily but I did get my 208 words written last night.

I have decided to continue editing/rewriting Out of the Blue as my Camp NaNo project.  It was already over 65K and I set the goal for 75k.  I’m not sure I’ll reach it as for every three words I type I delete two.

#TeaserTues – Out of the Blue – One more time

imageI’m still working on this one.

It is a thorn in my side that I can’t quite reach.  I have delved into reading and listening audiobooks like my life depends on it.  Hoping that I’ll absorb them and be able to get this thorn worked into shape.  I was supposed to start Camp Nano today but my mental struggles with this monster keep me from moving on.

I wonder if I should just abandon it for a few months.  Maybe we both need some air.  I feel like I’m making progress overtime I begin edits on this 45k beast that has grown by 20k since it was ‘finished’.

Maybe I should tackle it as my Camp Nano until new inspiration strikes.  My November NaNo came to me in a dream.  How do your ideas come to you?

Here are the links to previous revisions of the monster.  And the below them you’ll find the latest version of the beginning.  Find my personal links on the side if you want to chat about your writing endeavors.

Out of the Blue February 23

Out of the Blue January 19

Out of the Blue December 8

Out of the Blue December 1
Out of the Blue September 29

Out of the Blue


16 years ago.

Callie’s heart beats against her chest, she knows by the end of the day, she might be a widow left to care for four little girls alone in an unfamiliar world. She clings to her husband as the sun sets across the ocean, her instincts telling her his pride has already decided his part in the events about to unfold. Continue reading

My #1linewed – Eyebrows


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

Sound familiar?” Boone raises his eyebrows, questioning Drake.

Does he know?  Did Boone tell them?  Callisto’s eyebrows raise in surprise. “Um…?”

Her interest peeked, Callisto’s eyebrow rises as she asks, “You do not know already?



#TeaserTues #Fictionfriday – Her Unexpected Life Excerpt Edited-2

Her Unexpected Life

So I’m setting out to update all my social feeds and thought I might want to share the latest draft of Chapter One with some of my favorite folks.

Her Unexpected Life – 12-15-15

Chapter One-End of January

In the middle of the pop isle of the local Hugemart, Valerie Cooper receives a text from her husband, “I’m moving out.”

Valerie is certain that auto correct must be playing games with her and texts back, “What? I think auto correct got you.”

He replies back, “No it didn’t. I’m moving out and in with Wendy.”

Continue reading

My #1linewed – 23


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

He takes her hand and puts their palms together, her fingers little wisps compared to the thick trunks that are his.

In the distance, he can hear sirens blaring.


My #1linewed – Now


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

If the wrong person had found her, she might be dead by now … or worse.

There, I said it now here comes the aftermath.

I do not see the point in trying to hide my body from you now.



My #1linewed – Smile


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

Callisto’s face becomes illuminated by an irresistible smile. “My own life!”

Drake thoughts-That smile is mesmerizing. I do anything to see it again.

…a smile comes to his lips that Callisto kisses off.

He rewards her with a smile full of affection.


My #1linewed – Need


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

I’m giving her all the help she needs.

Callisto needs to figure out a way to repay him and soon!

She needed to start her new life to escape…


New #teasertuesday idea

#teasertues might be getting an addition to the line up


I have a few blogs I follow of writers I find incredibly talented.  I think I’ll start sharing their work with you on Tuesdays.

In the past I have shared excerpts from my writing but too much of the same can get monotonous so I refrain from sharing every time I make major changes.  Keep that in mind when you look at Out of the Blue any time I share from that work in progress.  I may have it on here ten times (I don’t know the exact number.) but those are the polished version of three or four edits.

I also share websites, bio’s or info pages of people that have really helped me along on my path.  People who have taken me under their wing in one way or another.

I will continue to do both of these but I want to share your work in progress links.  I have a few in mind I have read to get my ReBlog Train moving.  Leave you link in the comments and I will check it out.

I can’t always blog.  But I like to share things I think are worth sharing and that you’ll enjoy when I can’t talk about my writing with you.

My #1linewed Nicknames Twitter

Brickley Jules


My #1linewed from my #wip #OutoftheBlue.

I fully believe that u were hidden away from it all & just recently got your wings, little bird, to escape ur cage

That was some shower, my pearl!

I wanted to be alone with my pearl, uninterrupted.

Maybe I should call you Mr. Prepared instead of Dragon Slayer.

I love your magic, Dragon Slayer…

If you’re going to survive here, especially in this town, you have to develop a tougher skin, little fish.