Small Accomplishments

Tiny achievements

Yesterday was another busy day. I didn’t get much done but I did get Chapter 8  & 9 edited and reread. Surprising.

I’ve been updating my mommy calendar today so I haven’t started editing yet today. But soon, probably right after this post is published.

Have you come you with a writing plan for the summer? I haven’t tackled that yet.

Editing Update

It was a great day

I accomplished a lot today. I feel like I channeled my inner poet to ‘show and not’ tell. I reread ch 5 edits from the weekend, edited and reread ch 6 and ch 7.

Yesterday was a bust as far as editing goes. I had a busy mom day which included a field trip, birthday party, and a late night at work. I even got my updated ch 1 posted here for Teaser Tuesday and I also freshened it up on Wattpad.

Before I head off to bed I’m going to try to get my #1linewed posts ready for tomorrow. It feels like forever since I’ve participated.

Editing is going slow

I struggle through

I managed to get chapter four edited last week. Then I got chapter five over the weekend.

I have to make myself do these edits. But I’m hoping by the time I’m done with all fifty chapters it will become automatic and wont require so much editing later.

I’m attempting to show and not tell as much. Writing is like any other art; we learn skills as we go. I’m still in the 101 classes I fear. I may be creeping toward 200 level but I’m far from 400’s.

Camp Nano Closes Soon

The end is in site

How did you do? Any words gained is a triumph. Be proud!

I’m sharing some of your Camp Nano posts the next few days. I hope to work on my edits  today. Wish me luck.

Are you going to do it again in the summer?

More edits

I got chapter three edited over the weekend. I’m so happy. I hadn’t expected to get any work done over the weekend. The trade-off was that I spent all day Sunday inside while my husband mowed the lawn. I have allergies or I would be mowing the grass.

But we went for an adventure in the woods on Saturday and took the girls mushroom hunting. It’s always a little funny to watch them gingerly pick their way throw the woods. The little one was finally feeling comfortable by the time we left.

I hope to get chapter four edited today. Wish me luck. I hope your projects are going well.


Here is a very bad picture of my edits.

Mind Scrambling

Edits Brickley Jules

Blue is additions and red is deletions. Black is where I started.  Not much remains of where I started. I don’t know if that is good or bad. Good I hope. Chapter One and Chapter Two have been scrubbed clean of -to be and -ly. Well as much as my mind can currently stand. Lol!

Sick babies, glasses & showing not telling

That sums up the last few days for me.

I haven’t slept more than a few hours at a time the past five night because my littlest is sick.  The doc can’t give her anything since it’s viral. Her fever bounces up and down like a yo-yo.  She’s better today.  I’m so glad.

I took my big girl to the eye doc yesterday and she needs glasses.  I suspected this.  She gets great grades but in these days of technology 2nd graders take most of their tests on computers and she can see those.  I’m sad she has to have glasses but glad we found out before it messes with her grades.

I asked a few helpful people to give me feedback on my first chapter I have posted here.  So far the feedback has been that I need more showing and less telling.

Google has been my friend. I’ve been searching and reading how to show and not tell.  I delved into Her Unexpected Life and began tearing it apart and rearranging it.  Then I picked it back up today and did the very same thing to it.

I think I have Chapter One memorized so I’m stepping away for a few days.  I like lists and point by point actions but that’s boring and nobody wants to read that. So with a scrambled brain I’m moving on to chapter two.  I’m not going to let the sting in my eyes betray me after I knock over the carafe full of dairy. (I’m not going to cry over spilled milk.)

See my brain likes the short one so much better.  That’s why I have to scramble and then retrain it.



Spinning My Wheels

I don’t know where to go from here.

Do I start a new story unrelated to everything I already have going?  Do I finish something I’ve already started?  One of the short stories perhaps.  Or the sequel to Out of the Blue.  Do I give a side character from Her Unexpected Life a story of their own?

I could just take a break for a while and wait till I get ready but I may never get ready.  I could wait till I hear back from my editor on my stories.  But how do you know which suggestions to use and which aren’t for you?  Personally I don’t like a comma before ‘and’ in a sentence.  It feels unnecessary to me.  But if I don’t use one will it damn me in the writing community?  Should I care if other writers think I’m not as professional as them because I don’t use the Oxford Comma?  The reader’s what matters right?

How do I know when my book babies are ready to leave the nest?  Do I take to heart the one or two not so positive opinions and throw out all the good ones on my stories?  I bet this is where a publisher comes in.  If I had one they would tell me if my story was ready.  If you’re an Indie Author how do you know when your story is ready?

Maybe I should title this stuck in the mud.

#amediting & drifting

Editing, drifting & poetry

#Amediting has been this week and every weeks theme for so long I can’t remember not editing.  I had a small three week break which was filled with a household of sickness. But on Monday I hit editing hard again.

I find that it’s getting easier.

I just hope I’m doing it right. I know I’m not alone in my fears on this.

I took me eight months to convince myself to stop editing while I write.  So I suceeded in my #NaNoWriMo goal and wrote an unedited story in a month.

I hope it doesn’t take me another eight months to gain faith in my editing.  I know I’m on a better path with that now. I got offered help and I took it. But all the advice in the world isn’t going to make me a better writer only writing and reading is.

I tried to read during the last three weeks but managed it horribly. Little ones require moms undivided attention.

That all I have to say about editing for now.  On to drifting.

I’m unsure of what to post today. I used to ReBlog one of my reviews from the website I write them for but they weren’t as popular as I thought they would be. So it was decided I should stop sharing them. This is where the drifting comes in because I don’t know what to post.

Finally we arrive at poetry.

I have started trying to write a poem a day which in reality turns into one every other day. They are on the dark side.  I’m using them as a way to keep my writing juices flowing. Maybe I’ll start posting them on Thursdays.  Now I’m back to drifting.

Scattered is the mind of a mother.  At least this one.

Things I wish I would have known – 2

Brickley Jules

Things I wish I had known before starting to write my first book 2.

So in my last things I wish I had known post I talked about sentence length, passive voice, tenses, outlines, etc.  This time round I want to talk about the dreaded Showing not Telling.

Things to avoid

  • Adverbs – this one baffles me.
  • To Be – learning to write with out using to be or one of its forms is like learning to do Calculus for me.
  • ly – words that end in this are taboo.
  • ing- words that end in this shouldn’t begin sentences.
  • As – should not start a sentence.
  • Over doing it – once you get the above down apparently you need to go back and undo some of it.  I believe this follows the getting ready to go out rule of ‘after you’re ready to go out look in the mirror and remove at least one item’ or to much of a good thing is bad.

The problem with these rules is I can’t tell you why you need to do them.  Grammar might as well be a foreign language for me.  I do have access to the internet and can look up articles on how to show and not tell.  I compiled a list of ones I thought I could do.

I still #amediting

  • This may take awhile

Over the last two days I have edited the same Prologue and beginning two chapters three times.  Time to move on to two other chapters.

I want to make a Scene/Story board but wonder if it would even be useful this close to finishing.  I have an outline by chapter and by book day but I am a visual person.  I would love to make a board of scene by scene action to gaze upon fondly but wonder if it would even be of any creative use.

I also did some more Christmas movie watching today even caught Ghostbusters 1 & 2.  The kiddos thought some parts were a bit scary so I ended up watching alone while they built castles in the kitchen.

Back to normal life for the next few weeks and then Christmas break will be here.  Have you gpt your Christmas shopping done?  I have a few left to get things for the toughies: a 16 year old and my gran who has probably gotten every present ever thought of twice.

I am excited to start my ‘what’s now’ #NaNoWriMo but first I need to decide if I’m happy with Her Unexpected Life’s ending.  Did you meet you MaNo goals?

(Sorry for the crazy hodge podge of thoughts tonight.  I need sleep.)



We wrapped some Christmas presents yesterday so today I took pictures of the kiddos in front of the tree.

I am editing Out of the Blue this evening while watching Christmas movies.  My husband looks at me like I’m crazy and goes into the other room to watch football. I love Christmas movies. So I’m getting more watching then efiting done but it’s suppose to be Thanksgiving Holiday Break.

Hope your NaNoWriMo is going well. I may have actually finished my NaNo entry. I got my 50,000 words on Thanksgiving but continued on a bit more. I can’t decide I need some tome away from it.

nanowrimo nano

Things I wish I would have known.

Known Brickley Jules

Things I wish I had known before starting to write my first book.

I want to share with you some things I have discovered since I began this adventure of writing a book.  These are things that apply to me but some may be helpful to you or not.  These are things I have figured out along the journey.  All are my opinions solely.

  • Write!  WRITE!  Sit the f down and write.  Write until the story is done. 😍
  • Take a break when it’s done.  Maybe a long weekend.  Maybe a week.  Whatever.  Drink heavily to celebrate during break. 🎉😎🍹
  • Edit-not all in the same read through. 💻🔫😡

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