Mina Carter, Celia Kyle – Dragon Her feet


Dragon Her feetI enjoyed reading Dragon Her feet and can’t wait to read the next in the series, Hedging his Bets.

Dragon Her feet was light and had an airy feel to it. It was fun! I rooted for the dragon to succeed and switched camps to the werehedgehog when the dragon had a dumb streak. I love the intensity that unfolds in this book. I wonder if it is due to it having two authors.

I must say that I have read other books where the characters refer to themselves as pleasantly plump but I was not aware that it was a specific sub genre. I wonder how many of these sub genres I am missing as I devour romances.

My favorite character was Katie, the werehedgehog who wasn’t afraid to boss a big ole elite-club dragon around. Her best friend, Honey a non-shifter, hooked up with her alpha werehedgehog leaving our little werehedgehog without a mate. Should she follow what her animal instincts want or stick to what her mind tells her is the plan?

The only part of the story that was not bad but maybe unnecessary was the interaction with the dragon and the other shifters at the beginning, a wolf and a lion. I imagine this was an attempt at adding characters for subsequent books in the series but didn’t really add anything and I kept waiting for them to reappear in our tale. Maybe it was just an attempt to set the scene for us regarding the dragons long over due homecoming but I think it may be unnecessary for the dragon and the were-hedgehogs story to progress.

All that being said, I love this book!

2015 Year of Books

Brickley Jules

This is a pictorial list of the books I read in 2015.  Reviews for most of them can be found under the My Reviews section. I have 61 on here not to bad, I have a few I started but haven’t finished they will get counted when completed.

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