Self-editing 101 – a primer #WriterWednesday #AmWriting #AmEditing

D.E. Haggerty

There is absolutely no doubt writers need to self-edit a manuscript before sending it on to their editor and beta readers. There are tons of articles out there designed to persuade self-published authors to self-edit, but how exactly does one self-edit? To be honest, with my first novel (or two or three), I re-read my manuscript, took out grammatical and spelling mistakes, et voilà! Um, no. In the meantime, I’ve developed a system – somewhat. This system expands and alters based on the novel. Obviously, I won’t be looking for historical accuracies in a contemporary romance! Here’s how I go about driving myself crazy with editing.

Naturally, like a good little writer, I let the completed manuscript sit for a few days before I begin editing. Unfortunately, I can’t let it sit too long as I’ve inevitably promised the completed manuscript to my editor soon, and there’s no way…

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