#NaNoWriMo Week 1

Who’s started NaNo?

(Not me!)

I’m sitting out this go round. I’ll name several excuses that are just that excuses but I’m planning on being ready for Camp Nano in April and June.

Excuse Number One

I started a new part-time job over the summer that added twice as many day job work hours to my yearly schedule.

Excuse Number Two

My new part-time job turned into a full-time job about a month and a half in; almost doubling my daily hours.

Excuse Three

I’m in mid-edit of a book I wanted to publish in October but because of Excuse One and Two I missed my self-inflicted deadline.

I’m pushing myself to get this book knocked out and then I’ll push myself to finish writing my draft of the next one. Why I thought it was a good idea to write two series at once is a mystery.

But ultimately isn’t that the point of NaNo? To push ourselves to do what we didn’t think we could? So, maybe I’m doing more NaNo then I thought. I’m channeling it’s get it done spirit despite the odds.

I’d love to hear how writing is going for you. NaNo related or not.

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