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Welcome to another session of The Hot Seat, where I get to put our favorite Heroes and Heroines in the “hot seat” for a little Q&A! Today, I’m here with Autumn Brown from Didi Oviatt’s new Crime Thriller, Search For Maylee.

Now, normally I like to set the scene for the audience, so they can visualize who I’m interviewing, but Autumn is currently in disguise for a very important sting operation…so, go read the book.

AC: Welcome to The Hot Seat, Autumn, can you tell us a little more about yourself? Where you’re from and how you ended up in Denver in the middle of an undercover operation to take down a sex trafficking ring?

AB: Oh my, A.C. what a story I have for you! My niece Maylee was kidnapped at the age of eighteen three years ago. I finally mustered up the courage to chase after a…

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ITS FINALLY AVAILABLE! Happy Release Day At My House! #coldcase

Didi Oviatt

I’m completely washed over with gratitude for everyone who has read, reviewed, and pre-ordered my book!  The day I’ve been pacing the floors over is FINALLY HERE!!  I love release days, it’s exactly like Christmas… only completely different lol. Now for a week of blog touring, and we’re off!!!

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***There he was, the man she had spent her evenings swooning over while listening to the steady hum of his voice over the phone. A man that she once detested, and now ached for. There were so many things she wished could be different about this moment. She would have prepared herself, dressed nice and fixed her hair – probably up and swept from her face. She would have picked something with a low neckline to wear, lathered her skin with her silkiest lotions, and even taken the time to shave. Everything…

Rather than the romantic reunion Autumn had been…

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Author/Blogger Halloween Hop

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Want to increase followers/traffic on your Facebook page?

Authors and bloggers are bringing a spooky good time to Facebook for Halloween! JOIN US!

The Facebook Halloween Hopfest runs from Friday, October 27, 2017 through Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

Register today by:

– Adding the direct link to your Facebook AUTHOR page (NO groups, please!)

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On Monday, October 23rd (or sooner) you will be sent the complete list of participating authors/bloggers. When you create your Facebook post, YOU MUST INCLUDE THE NAME AND PAGE URL OF THE NEXT PERSON ON THE LIST (after you) for this to work. If the hop is broken and readers cannot advance to the next page, they will give up. Take advantage of Facebook’s option to pre-schedule your post. With respect to time…

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Lovely 5* review! Thank You Reader @Didi_Oviatt

Author, Kim Knight

Thank you for your feedback on Amazon. UK!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Weird, funny and suspenseful, 3 Aug. 2017
This review is from: The Suspenseful Collection Volume One: Eight Suspenseful Short Stories Across Multiple Genres. (Kindle Edition)
Superb. Weird, funny, sexy – and, yes – suspenseful. I wondered whether the alternation of two writers switching might jar the reading experience, but instead it adds to it. Keeps the reader on their toes. Kind of like listening to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen – there’s always something unexpected happening next. I’ll be reading more from these authors, and I’m very, very glad I stumbled upon them.
There is coarse language and adult  content. And why the hell not?
Five stars from me. Give it a go!

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