Only A Few Days Left

Didi Oviatt

Every time I mark a book down for sale there’s a part of me that feels a little drug dealerish. Especially since the book I have on sale now is an adult book. Like I’m being naughty selling naughty things. Part of me wants to stand in a dark alley, like a nerdy 120 lb blonde girl hangin’ with the pimps, ready to pedal my raunchy product. I’d peek around the corner and watch for people in their early twenties to mid forties to stroll by, so I can creep half of my face around the edge of a building to get their attention. I’d say,

“Pssst… Hey you?”  Then I’d look over my shoulder to make sure no one is watching before I gave them a nod to my direction. “Comher’ I think I got somethin’ you might like.”

I can see it now. They’d be hesitant, because it’s…

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