Halloween Reading, Flash Sale! #excerpt #99cents

Aggravated Momentum #$0.99 #Sale

Didi Oviatt

Wow, what a week it’s been!  I’ve put so much time into marketing my new release Search For Maylee that I’ve completely neglected my previous books, which is absolutely silly right now because I write thrillers, and its the month of HALLOWEEN!!!

SO, in light of my neglectful selfishness in terms of the slasher book I published last year, I’ve marked it down to $.99!! It’s bloody, gory, intense, psychologically twisted, and just straight up disgusting… Perfect for the season, I can’t believe it’s taken me halfway into the month to mark the price down for Halloween.  Talk about being distracted! lol


Standing next to Kam, peering across the street and into their home, I can clearly see her mutilated body.  Their front doors are French, and opened wide, allowing a perfect view into their once tidy entryway.  The always bleached white floors and walls are completely covered in…

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