August – Gone

Wow! I turned around to find that August was gone. Left the building. And here I sit not finished with edits. I’m close, a bit over 75%. If I work hard this weekend I might get this round done.

Unrealistic Goal

That’s great but I was hoping to get another round in before the end of the month and set it aside all of September while my gals give it a look over. Maybe, I set unrealistic goals for myself. I do have a new day job that eats up most of my writing/editing time. Two kids with evening activities, each have two a piece.

My Time

I think I’ll have to declare one day all mine of the upcoming holiday weekend. Just for me so I can finish up this round of edits and possible start and finish another. I have -ly words to look for, words I use too much, and I still think it’s a bit heavy on the telling and needs more showing.

August – Gone

Even though August is gone I still think I can get it done by the day I promised to send it to my gals. September 5th. Wish me luck.

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