Blog Events – What I didn’t know

Blog Events – What I didn’t know

I know I said last Friday that, that post was going to be my final ‘What I didn’t know’ post for a while but I decided to add one more.

Blog Events – What I didn’t know

Blog Events were such a foreign concept to me, at first I couldn’t even wrap my brain around them. I have a better grasp on them now, let me share what I do know.

Time Frames

1. Blog Tour – This is usually a five-day event, where multiple bloggers sign up to share something for you through: Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, Google, (generally various social media accounts the blogger uses) and of course blogs. It can be anything from an interview, excerpt, cover reveal, new release, pre-order, your mind is the limit from what I see.

2. Blitz – This is the same as above but typically a 24 hour quick event.


1. New Release – Just like it sounds, this is where you share information about your newest release, typically posts on the day of the release but not always.

2. Give Away – Want to give a copy of your ebook away? It can draw buzz to your New Release or Cover Reveal. You can use the giveaway app of your choice. I use Rafflecopter. You can even pick your winner off of blog comments on social media. It’s up to you. (Can run on its own or with one of the other types of posts.)

3. Cover Reveal – Itching to share your brand spanking new cover you just got back from your cover artist? Then this type of blog post (social media post) is for you. It helps let readers know about your upcoming release and generate their interest early on. A Goodreads link to add you book on the readers ‘Want To Read’ list is a great idea.

4. Pre-Order – A few weeks or days before your new book releases this type of blog post acts much like a Cover Reveal except people can actually purchase your book. This helps boost your initial numbers and gives your book a fighting chance with retailers.

5. Interview – These are the hardest ones for me. I don’t mind answering the questions at all but wondering about how people will take what I say eats at me. They are usually straight forwarded questions. What type of genre do you write? Where do you get your inspiration? Their intention is to give your audience an inside peek into you. That’s the scary part!

6. Excerpt – As I’ve recently learned some blogs like hot ones and others like to keep it clean. And by ‘clean’ I mean no naughty stuff. That’s the easy part. Trying to decide what tiny morsel of your baby conveys its essence is heart wrenching. I’m like any proud parent and don’t want my baby to look bad. But if you pick right, you can entice readers into your book’s world.

7. Blurb – You know that back copy on your paperback? That’s most likely a nice little blurb about your book that you’ve worked hard at cultivating into the bare bones of your story without giving too much away. Bloggers usually add this to most of the above mentioned posts. Really any of the above mentioned post types can be combined for maximum effect.

As always these are my perceptions of the above mentioned items. I’m still learning as I go. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Happy Writing!

P.S. I did not mention take-overs in this post but they are where you as an author sign up to act as a guest host for an hour or so usually on Facebook. You may have to answer questions. You may choose to give away copies of your books or other swag to folks participating in the event. You could also share tidbits about your characters or play games that involve them. But I only suggest this if you have previously released a book set in this world.


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