Fixing my paperback

I’ve been working on sharpening up my formatting skills which translates to redoing both my published ebooks and paperback.

Fixing my paperback

Since I only had the one paperback published I decided to start with the unpublished paperback of Vested In Her. As I referred to in an earlier post I didn’t know what I didn’t know about publishing. So it needed reformatting. I’m so close to hitting the publish button it’s annoying. I have to take care of my widows/orphans now. They may remain widows/orphans if this is too frustrating.

Suggestions welcome.

Fixing my ebooks.

Now my ebooks weren’t too bad. I used the Smashwords Style Guide and that helps me a lot. But I wanted to use decorative designs in my books.

The problem was it looked like this:

When it should look like this:

Decorative Fonts Vested In Her

I think I have it figured out. I emailed myself the word file, opened it, screen shot it the way it was suppose to look, and emailed that to myself. I then saved it in a file and used the insert photo by file feature on Word to add it into my .docx file where it was suppose to be. It looks like it should now on my kindle app. The test will come when I upload it to KDP and see what it looks like on other Kindle devices. Wish me luck.


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