Spaces – What I didn’t know

Spaces – What I didn’t know

This is going to be a short post where I share something that I didn’t know that I needed to know.

Spaces – What I didn’t know

I *clears throat* went to high school and college a few years ago and when I went to school after you ended a sentence with a period you followed it by two taps on the space bar. I wrote my entire first draft of Out of the Blue, my paranormal romance, with two spaces after each sentence. I had to change that right out of the gate and learned not to do it.

In my day...

I asked around and anyone younger than about 25 knew about this ‘change’. Anyone who continued writing after graduating knew this. Maybe I just went to a more old fashion establishment? Or…

When you spend 15 years trying to find yourself you miss a few things. I also mainly wrote poetry before my 15 year hiatus and punctuation functions more freely there, at least it did for me.

Any grammar rule changes that trip/tripped you up?

I have to many grammar rules that trip me up, let alone when things change. That’s why they invented Editors!

Happy Writing! See you next time.

5 thoughts on “Spaces – What I didn’t know

  1. I was guilty of that, and I too had to be corrected. There are some diehards out there who won’t change, but the fact is, anything that takes up unnecessary space also makes your book cost more–to you and your reader. It doesn’t help me when my work requires me to put two or even three spaces between sentences, and for an automatic period to appear while typing a message on my phone, two spaces are required. I have since changed my typing habits to only hit the space bar once while I’m writing, though I catch myself regressing at times. 😦

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