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Book trailers on a budget

Book Trailers

First off, I accidentally hit publish on this way before I was ready to share it. If you clicked on it before I’m sorry the link went nowhere.

I’ve recently invested some time into trying my hand at making a book trailer.

Anyone else out there tried this?

I’m on a budget so there will be no cinematic movie quality to my trailers. No movie stars or beautiful cover models. And actual no movies to my trailers either.

I’ll be making slideshows.

It’s like having my Pinterest boards on Youtube. I love my Pinterest boards.

I’m using Powerpoint.

I use Powerpoint to make slides of my books, a digital book bible of sorts. I’m still learning the ends and outs of it but anything I don’t know in this day and age I can just look it up on the Internet (Google it! My kids favorite expression. {We need to explore the reference and non-fiction sections of our local library this summer.})

Here’s my trailer slideshow. I got all the images used off Pixabay.

I would love to know you’re experiences with making trailers.

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Sadness swallows me as I realize you don’t care if I succeed.

I thought you were my friend but I was just a burden.

Something you kept around just in case you needed it.

Historical Romance Month #Giveaway

Nesie's Place

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hope you’re still enjoying Historical Romance Month here on Nesie’s Place. These amazing authors have given generously of their time and their work. And – we’re not done! I’ll feature one more author next week.

As the banner says, the books featured during May are a few of MY favorite things. So, on June 1st, I’ll share my favorite things with a random winner.

If you have commented on any historical romance spotlighted book post… you’re already entered. If not, what are you waiting for? Contest is open through May 31st.

The Prize? An ebook set of any historical romance series featured in May.

Option #1 – Nicola Davidson’s The London Lords and Fallen series

Option #2 – Lily Silver’s Reluctant Heroes Series

Option #3 – Maureen Driscoll’s The Kellingtons Series

Option #3A – Maureen Driscoll’s The Emersons Series

Option #4


You’ll find out who our next…

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My Truth

After all these years,

I’m still broken.

ReBlog – Vania Margene Rheault | Writing. . .a little bit of everything.

How It All Began . . .

After a failed attempt at an HR career and 20 years of not writing, I started again. Thank you to all the companies who did not hire me after graduation! I have never been happier putting my first degree (English with a concentration in Creative Writing) to use. I can’t believe I wasted so much time, but yet I was growing up, figuring myself out, and raising my children. Now I have time for my own and a job with a tremendous amount of downtime (not HR!)…

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#SmutChat Plotting Giveaway

I participated in #smutchat on twitter and entered to win free books.

Vania Margene Rheault

Thank you for participating in #smutchat tonight! Click to enter the giveaway of @KMWeiland‘s book Outlining Your Novel and the workbook that goes with it. 

I hope to see you again soon!

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ReBlog – Meet the Author (Lo-arna Green Interview) – SILVER BEANS CAFE ​THE ULTIMATE BOOK CLUB

Hello to all of you out there in the SBC universe. My name is Royal and today I had the pleasure of interviewing a writer who I’m sure you all will find to be extremely fascinating. This interview features celebrated writer Lo-arna Green. Here is what Lo-arna had to say to us here at SBC when we sat down with her for her interview.

So Lo-arna let’s start the interview with this question, WHAT GENRE do you write in? Why?

Romance mainly. They were always my favourite to read. Romance and horror.

And what are the TITLES OF YOUR BOOKS Lo-arna?

Released book titles are All The Colours, All The Darkness and All The Games. They are a series, each focusing on a different character within that circle of friends. I have one more planned for the series and have a few others I am working on at the moment.

Read more at the source: Meet the Author (Lo-arna Green Interview) – SILVER BEANS CAFE ​THE ULTIMATE BOOK CLUB

Ebook Winners – Day 2! #MaureenDriscollGiveaway

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Congrats to

Brickley Jules

Commenter on Tuesday’s Maureen Driscoll post!

Your info is being forwarded to Maureen and she’ll contact you soon!

You’re going to LOVE Arthur Kellington’s story!

Never Wager Against Love


There are more books to give away this week, and post #3 is on the way!


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VESTED IN HER is the first novel that I have read by Brickley Jules, and I loved it. This is one author I will most definitely be reading more of.

“Never Wager Against Love (Kellington Book 3)” by Maureen Driscoll #Spotlight

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Historical Romance Month continues this week on Nesie’s Place with the work of author Maureen Driscoll in the spotlight! Maureen shares her personal insights on books from two of her series, The Kellingtons and The Emersons. Also, THREE random commenters will win ebooks each day this week! Good times!

This is the third book in the Kellington Series and it’s a bit of an odd duck.  The story actually starts in the second book, but you don’t need to have read that one to understand this one.  It’s about Arthur, the third brother in the Kellington family.  It’s a more serious book in that it starts when he was fifteen and rescues a gypsy woman from an assault.  She reads his fortune, telling him that the love of his life will be shot and, having just lost his parents, Arthur decides he cannot have more death in his life.

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ReBlog – Lo-arna Green – About

Lo-arna is a professional daydreamer who enjoys penning poetry and prose, usually of a romantic nature but occasionally dabbles in sci-fi and supernatural/horror….

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I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — sign language edition

Spring Gift Card Giveaway! #BookBub

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12 amazing authors are giving away a $60 Amazon Giftcard! Just follow them on BookBub! That’s it! Hurry and enter now! Giveaway ends 5/31/17

General Link to the RAFFLECOPTER Giveaway

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Waterparks, Everyday Life and 5 Star Reviews

Everyday Life and 5 Star Reviews

I feel like it’s been forever since I actually set down to type a blog post or really anything. I sunk all my extra time into my mini cover reveal and book release the last few weeks. I did get a few thousand words written last week so I’m calling that a win. I worked all week and  was getting everything ready for our weekend outing with the kids so my time was limited. But before I tell you about our adventure I have to tell you how humbled I was to find a new five star rating on Amazon for Vested In Her. Every time someone takes the time to review one of my books it humbles me, time is a precious commodity and as a busy parent I understand that fully.


This was our second trip to this particular waterpark and again it was great. It hasn’t disappointed us yet. The kids love it and rave about it. They have bowling, golf, an arcade, kiddy spa, their own build a stuffed animal station, animated story telling clock tower, mascots that hang out with the kids, dance parties, and the time-eating Magi Quest Harry Potter style role playing wand wielding game. That’s all in addition to the huge waterpark with 6 tube slides, two body slides, 6 kiddy slides, lazy river, lily pad jump, wave pool, kiddy and baby area, family hot tube, and basketball pool.

We will definitely be going next year if the budget can swing it. It had been what the kids picked for their birthdays the last two years instead of having a skating, bowling, swimming, or some such party with their friends. We have a small family gathering at their Nanny’s over the summer with their cousins to make up for that. Which is a different kind of water fun, it’s creeks, crawdads, bare feet, s’mores, air mattress in front of the living room TV, and popcorn.

**The family got me much appreciated water shoes for Mother’s Day. My feet thank them so much.

I hope your weekend had some great highs, too! I’d love to hear about it.