Book trailers on a budget

Book Trailers

First off, I accidentally hit publish on this way before I was ready to share it. If you clicked on it before I’m sorry the link went nowhere.

I’ve recently invested some time into trying my hand at making a book trailer.

Anyone else out there tried this?

I’m on a budget so there will be no cinematic movie quality to my trailers. No movie stars or beautiful cover models. And actual no movies to my trailers either.

I’ll be making slideshows.

It’s like having my Pinterest boards on Youtube. I love my Pinterest boards.

I’m using Powerpoint.

I use Powerpoint to make slides of my books, a digital book bible of sorts. I’m still learning the ends and outs of it but anything I don’t know in this day and age I can just look it up on the Internet (Google it! My kids favorite expression. {We need to explore the reference and non-fiction sections of our local library this summer.})

Here’s my trailer slideshow. I got all the images used off Pixabay.

I would love to know you’re experiences with making trailers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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