ReBlog – Meet the Author (Vania Rheault Interview) – SILVER BEANS CAFE ​THE ULTIMATE BOOK CLUB

Hi everyone, it is Jacks.  Today, I am stopping in to share an incredible interview.  I had the delight of sitting down with the very talented and highly refreshing author Vania Rheault.  I was excited before our chat to read more from her, but now after our exhilarating exchange I cannot wait for her book release!  Let’s hear what she had to say:

Hi Vania!  Welcome to Silver Beans Café.  We are pleased to have you here today.  Thank you for taking time out to meet with us.  Having said that, let’s get this interview started.

So Vania, how about we GET TO KNOW YOU better.  Can you tell SBC what genres you write?

I write a mix of genres. Right now I am preparing to release a romance/fantasy. I am also editing a contemporary romance and writing its companion. I have a five book fantasy series almost finished that I plan to edit and possibly independently release next year. I also have an idea bouncing around my head for a young adult novel. I’m not sure when I’ll get to that, though.

They all sound like great reads.  You are going to have your hands busy.

So, let’s talk about your novellas that are about to be released.  I know you mentioned that it is one cover and two books inside, WHAT ARE THE TITLES?

The titles of my indie novellas that will be released at the end of June are called 1700 Hamilton, and On the Corner of Hamilton and Main.Great titles!

Read more at the source: Meet the Author (Vania Rheault Interview) – SILVER BEANS CAFE ​THE ULTIMATE BOOK CLUB

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